Renting with Pets

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22.10.2020 08:42 am
London Dog Friendly Rentals

Jasmine’s Law: Andrew Rosindell MP seeks to limit ‘no pets’ policies for renters It is brilliant news that Andrew Rosindell MP has taken the time to push a bill through to end pet discrimination with rental properties. In London we need more dog friendly accommodation, particularly landlords who will consider more than 1 dog. Some landlords will only accept cats. Only 15% of London landlords offer pet friendly housing.

28.05.2020 05:40 pm
A Landlord Guide to Vetting Tenants with Pets

Only 10% of London Landlords allow pets. Nearly 50% of the UK Population have pets. Tenants with pets stay longer, are responsible, which means less void periods for Landlords. By opening your doors to pets, you are attracting a huge 'pool of tenants' which is only growing.

28.05.2020 05:34 pm
Include a pet clause in your tenancy agreement

When Renting with a Dog or Cat, make sure you have a pets clause put in your contract. Do not accept a verbal agreement, make sure everything is in writing.

28.05.2020 05:18 pm
Quick Pet-Friendly Property check list
  • Before you allow pets into your property, unless you own a freehold property, please make sure that pets are allowed.
  • If you own a leasehold property it is important to check the terms of your lease do not have any ‘no-pet’ clauses and that as a private Landlord, you are allowed to let to tenants with pets at your own discretion.
28.05.2020 05:01 pm
Why open your doors to pets?
  • The UK has now more cats & dogs than children!
  • The UK has a dog population alone of 9m! 45% of the population has a pet. Forecast to be 50% within 5 years
  • In the next 10 years approximately 25% of people aged between 20-40 years old will buy a house, which means more pet owners will need a London pet-friendly rental
  • If you don’t consider pets, you will lose out to local competition