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06.04.2021 09:39 pm
UK Dog Poodemic

Lockdown has seen a boom in UK dog ownership, which has become a ‘pandemic puppy’ poo problem. Some people pick up the poo but leave the bag on the ground. Others just leave the poo to be trodden on.

Every day you see it and people are talking about it more and more. It is rising up the social agenda as a concerning topic of conversation and is becoming an issue across the UK. How long before councils take further action and letting your dog freely off the lead becomes a thing of the past like in some other countries.

When you break it down further; in 2021 there are 12 million dogs and the same number of cats in the UK. On average a dog deposits 340g of waste a day depending on the size of the dog. That equates approximately to 3,000 tonnes.

08.12.2020 03:42 pm
Pets & People Over Lockdown

The pandemic lockdowns have brought about a period of adjustment between humans and their pets. Both in the UK and abroad, vets for example have been allowed to remain open as essential services, showing the importance of the link between pets and their owners. It was essential that if you were stuck at home and your dog or cat was sick, that you were able to visit a vet. Research has shown there is a strong connection between pets and peoples mental health. They are a part of the family and to many are their children.

In France, ‘adopting a pet’ was listed as a permitted reason to leave your home over the lockdown period. In Spain, people were allowed to go out to walk the dog. On the other hand, children were confined to their homes for 45 days. It was reported that neighbours were borrowing dogs just get out their front doors and stretch the legs.

23.08.2020 07:48 am
Puppy & Property Prices

At Pets Lets we are all about pets and London property. Therefore, we have quickly noted a real correlation between puppy and property prices. Human nature is to see an opportunity and make the most of it. If you want something, you have to ‘pay’ for it.

With property you research into locations, budget and type of property. With dogs you need to research into type of breed, costs, environment and where you live and kind of property. Do you have a garden and of course, if you rent, are you allowed a cat or dog

30.07.2020 09:39 am
The Positive Impact of Dogs on Mental Health

Walking the dog is not just about getting your four-legged friend some exercise and do its ‘business’. It also concerns you as a dog owner also getting some exercise, clearing your head which is good for your mental health. Dogs and mental health make a good combination.

Modern day life is stressful. City life can be fast paced. Walking the dog gives you the ability to ‘take a breather’, get away from your desk if you are part of the increasing number of people working from home.

19.07.2020 05:08 pm
Lockdown London Dogs

The dog is really ‘a best friend’ and deserves to be treated as such. They always welcome you home. Make sure you reciprocate that warm feeling when they come to live with you.

23.06.2020 10:25 am
Pets a Positve Influence

What makes life easier is having your dog and cat by your side during those calls, whether they are sitting on your lap, on your desk or on their beds next to you. It brings comfort to you, especially when the meetings are back to back during the day. Others do not mind if they see a ‘furry face’ in the picture. It is no longer a case of being ‘unprofessional’ if your dog or cat or child is seen or heard in the background. Lockdown has made people generally more relaxed during working hours.

11.06.2020 08:15 am
Wild At Heart Foundation

Wild at Heart Foundation’s mission is to compassionately reduce the global stray dog population through rescue and rehoming, sterilisation campaigns, and international education projects.

03.06.2020 03:31 pm
Veterans With Dogs

Pets Lets is happy to be working with Veterans With Dogs who train and provide assistance dogs exclusively for current and former members of the British Armed Forces with service-related mental health conditions

03.06.2020 09:21 am
The Cuddle Club

The Cuddle Club believes that giving attention to dogs lowers blood pressure and heart rate, helping us to be calmer and more mindful.

03.06.2020 08:29 am
Pets Are Good For Your Health

Increasingly more scientific studies are showing that having a pet is positive for people’s mental health. Pets make people happy, they are part of the family. It is difficult to find dog and cat friendly rentals, which can be stressful for people.