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05.01.2021 02:12 pm
Travelling & Renting in the UK with Pets

Travelling & Renting with your Pet(s) to and from the UK within the EU

As we now know the old UK-issued EU pet passport will be invalid for travel into the EU from 1st January.

This is being replaced with the Animal Health Certificate (AHC) which needs to be issued within 10 days before each entry into the EU and lasts for 4 months whilst you are there. If you take several trips with your pets you will need a new AHC each time. Also you are not allowed into the UK with more than 5 pets unless they are for a show, competition or sporting event.

Based on the assumption that the pet has the necessary valid rabies inoculations, be wary of the fact that the cost of the Animal Health Certificate (AHC) can vary considerably, with vet quotes varying from £70, £100, £120 to £184 and even over £230.

The Brexit transition, like anything new, brings with it a lot of uncertainty. There are stories of British people in the press who are resident in Spain and yet are being denied a return back to Spain despite agreement between the mutual governments. Here paperwork and ‘red tape’ has created a barrier. The same applies to traveling with pets. Make sure you look at the UK Government Website, as this is the best form of advice and is official.

08.12.2020 04:03 pm
Tailwings Pet Travel Specialists

Tailwings, Pet Travel Specialists

Because we love pets, we care about yours!

Tailwings offers over 30 years of experience in the airfreight industry to provide an unequalled and dedicated service to pet shippers, airlines and the public based on trust, care and reliability.

08.12.2020 03:42 pm
Pets & People Over Lockdown

The pandemic lockdowns have brought about a period of adjustment between humans and their pets. Both in the UK and abroad, vets for example have been allowed to remain open as essential services, showing the importance of the link between pets and their owners. It was essential that if you were stuck at home and your dog or cat was sick, that you were able to visit a vet. Research has shown there is a strong connection between pets and peoples mental health. They are a part of the family and to many are their children.

In France, ‘adopting a pet’ was listed as a permitted reason to leave your home over the lockdown period. In Spain, people were allowed to go out to walk the dog. On the other hand, children were confined to their homes for 45 days. It was reported that neighbours were borrowing dogs just get out their front doors and stretch the legs.

29.11.2020 10:56 am
Why Not To Hide a Pet From Your Landlord

Why NOT to hide a Pet from your Landlord

Did you know that just under half the UK population owns a pet? It would not surprise me if that has now risen to 50% with the pre and post lockdown rush to adopt a pet. We all know friends or relatives who have a new puppy. In the US, 85 million families own a pet. A staggering statistic.

So, it is not uncommon for people to have a dog or cat. To many your pet is part of the family, it is like having a ‘child’ that you look after, who welcomes you home each time. Even if you have been gone for only 5 minutes. It’s comforting for everyone. You move into your home and settle in.

What’s missing; of course, a ‘four-legged’ friend. Always wanted a cat or dog. What will the landlord say? How will they find out? We never see them. They don’t drop by. What could possibly go wrong, it’s fine.

17.11.2020 05:54 pm
London, Dogs, Cats and Landlords

At Pets Lets we are all about renting with your pets in London. If you don’t own your own property, renting with a dog or cat can be a problematic. Only 15% of London landlords say yes to pets. Unlike many other European countries, such as France, Germany, Belgium, where renting with a dog is seen as a ‘norm’, the UK is the complete opposite. Whether you are flying in from overseas, moving within London or moving into London, allow more time to find a dog friendly rental in London. You will be surprised how many agents and landlords say no pets.