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16.01.2022 12:14 pm
Renting in the UK With A Pet

What do I need to know about renting in the UK with my dog or cat? According to a Pets Mag poll, the UK is a nation of dog and cat lovers, which of course came first and second. Surprisingly the guinea pig and hamster came 29th and 30th very strange, as you see them in many households with younger children.

Everywhere you turn, there are adverts, TV programmes featuring all kinds of dogs and cats. Over the years in the UK we have grown up with the iconic Andrex puppy advertising toilet paper and running off and having fun making a mess. Another iconic dog mascot, dating back to 1961, is the Dulux dog , a beloved UK icon. This shows how much we are a pet loving nation. Brands have been built off the back of dogs and cats. Why because they appeal to us and endear us to the brands. A dog has nothing to do with paint or toilet paper. It is more the sweet and ‘playful’ element that makes it work. The naughty Andrex puppy.

That is why the UK pet population has suddenly accelerated withAn extra 3.2 million pet owners over lockdown which also ties in with [pets and mental health( Pets make people happy and forget the everyday stresses.

There is no doubt with lockdown and in general, people can get very lonely. The highest rate of loneliness tends to come in bigger cities, in particular London. Research has proven that having a cat or dog brings joy to people. It gives them a companion. Gets people out the front door to take the dog for a walk. Before you know it you are socialising with fellow dog owners.

A family friend lost his wife last year and he was given a labradoodle puppy by his immediate family. They really thought having a puppy would cheer him and prevent him from being lonely. I saw him the other day. He said in the last 8 months he has met so many people and made some great friends just by going on local walks with his dog called, Duu. It brought a smile to his face just talking about it

04.01.2022 10:13 am
Do Pets Really Cause A Lot Of Damage?

When it comes to pets and property, damage is the main concern landlords have. At Pets Lets we talk to agents and landlords whilst we are finding pet friendly rentals for clients. Landlords are concerned primarily by damage and smells and how that will affect future tenants with allergies. However, adults damage properties; there have been many places we have been to where the landlord is carrying out extensive works because the last tenants ‘trashed’ the place. Also, children have be known to have paint brushes, crayons, parties and like anyone can cause some damage. To say dogs and cats, cause extensive damage is an ‘exaggeration’, when most sleep all day.

With any rental property, there is a tax allowance for wear and tear. With a tenancy, there can be accidents, or some tenants do not look after properties. People renting with pets, should not be ‘classified’ as ‘home wreckers’.

As a landlord, taking on a tenant, it can be ‘luck of the draw’. How responsible will they be? We have seen tenants over the years ‘work the system’, not pay the rent up until eviction, knowing they can get away with it. However, with pet owners looking to rent, you are so grateful when you find a property that will allow your dog or cat, that you want to look after it and stay longer term. People renting with pets are more responsible than your average tenant without a pet. Most dogs are trained, and a lot of our clients have Pet CV’s as well as a reference from a previous landlord.

Landlords do over complicate the ‘issue’ of renting with a dog or cat. You don’t ask about children’s ages or how well behaved they are. To do so, would be ‘insulting’ to many parents. Dogs and cats are to many their ‘children’; yet people renting with dogs and cats are questioned all the time.

07.12.2021 11:46 am
The Changing UK Rental Market With or Without Pets

The UK is a pet loving nation. Over lockdown, a staggering 3.2 million pets were bought over lockdown. So why do people talk about how difficult it is to find pet friendly rentals in the UK? It is a big topic of conversation across social media, at dinner parties, and is on the ‘agenda’ in the House of Commons, to make it easier to have Pets in Rented Homes.

Yet, the UK Government has so far refrained from legally enforcing landlords to accept pets in rented accommodation and has instead made suggestions. The end result is that nothing has changed, and the majority of UK landlords will opt for tenants without pets. The Dogs Trust Slogan of a dog is for life and not just for Christmas or indeed lockdown is so true.

Having a dog or cat is like having a child that needs to be looked after. Children go to nursery or to school, why not consider your dog being looked after by a dog walker or when you are away, there are plenty of people or companies who look after dogs. Adopting a pet has to be thought through and not just done on a whim.

Pets Returned Post Lockdown

Post lockdown has seen an increase in the number of dogs being returned due to lack of time with a return to working life in the office as well as difficulties in finding pet friendly accommodation. Unfortunately, too many people, when the going gets tough, return the family pet for an easy life.

The majority of UK landlords will not consider pets, with others only renting to tenants with pets, once all other avenues have been exhausted. Some landlords will even try and charge extra pet rents. There are some pet loving private landlords who are happy to allow pets in their rental properties. You find many that fall into this category, are renting out their own home, where they lived with their family pet, so to them it is not an issue, just natural.

16.11.2021 06:29 pm
Five Reasons Why Dog Friendly Pubs Make Pawsome Holiday Breaks

They are simply not on people ‘holiday radars’, whether you have a dog or not. As a dog owner you think about eating and drinking in a pub that will allow your ‘four-legged’ friend. You don’t think of a pub offering dog friendly rooms to stay!

You go away on a break with your dog to relax, get some exercise on walks, take in the scenery and enjoy some fine cuisine. A dog friendly pub with rooms is a bonus. When you walk into a pub, you want to instantly feel welcome. A place to unwind, enjoy the beautiful surrounding, whether is it hill or coastal walking. Just you and your ‘four-legged friend’ breathe in the fresh air. Have a break from the stresses of everyday life.

Two or three nights can sometimes feel enough. However, if you want to go away for longer, you could even do a dog friendly ‘pub crawl’. Excuse the pun. That is why dog friendly pubs with accommodation are the perfect answer. Somewhere comfy with delicious food and walks to ‘burn off the calories’ in beautiful surroundings. What more could you want?

If you a sociable person, you know you will meet fellow dog owners either at the pub or on walks. Having a dog, people come up and talk to you.

Upon arrival at the pub, unlike a self-catering holiday, everything is done for you. You don’t have worry about shopping or work out how things work in the property. It is more like a ‘hotel’. Help is always at hand.

With dog friendly pubs, you are a ‘step ahead’ of the many, who are rushing to book pet friendly holiday lets. You are thinking ‘outside the box’; pubs are chic, welcoming and dotted all across the UK.

19.10.2021 05:31 am
Dog Friendly Pubs With Rooms Near Beaches

Our Three of a Kind series takes a look at a trio of pub stays with one common feature and provides unique inspiration for a trip away. This week, our focus is on three dog friendly pubs near beaches, ideal for a coastal break with your four-legged friend.

With September winding down, many dog owners will be rejoicing at the end of the notorious May-September beach ban, allowing them to enjoy unrestricted coastal walks with their furry friend. While the weather may be slightly chillier during the off-season, there's still plenty of opportunities to fit in an escape to the coast and enjoy the magnificent views the British seaside provides and this time, there's no need to leave your pets behind!

In honour of this, we've selected three of our favourite dog friendly pubs near beaches so you can truly make the most of a coastal holiday. We've even gone one step beyond and plucked out three fabulous beaches with NO restrictions on dogs at all, meaning your loyal friend can enjoy the sea, sand and sun all year round!