Relocating to the UK with Pets

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08.12.2020 04:03 pm
Tailwings Pet Travel Specialists

Tailwings, Pet Travel Specialists

Because we love pets, we care about yours!

Tailwings offers over 30 years of experience in the airfreight industry to provide an unequalled and dedicated service to pet shippers, airlines and the public based on trust, care and reliability.

04.08.2020 02:36 pm
Pet Moves

Want to fly with your pet in the cabin by your side to London and avoid cargo?

At Pet Moves we offer a great solution. Our clients fly to Paris, Charles De Gaulle Airport instead with their pets by their side in the cabin. A lot of airlines to London insist your pet is placed in cargo.

We will then chauffeur you with your pet direct to London or the South East of England via Eurotunnel. It means your pet is with you the whole journey for peace of mind.

16.06.2020 01:54 pm
Flying Your Pet To London

For our relocation clients and people travelling with pets, we recommend Airpets as one of our few trusted travel partners. Pets Lets is also a member of the Pet Alliance Network

21.05.2020 11:16 am
JCS Livestock

JCS Livestock specialize in pet shipping around the world. They understand that your furry friends are members of the family, and their comfortable relocation is the priority.

20.05.2020 07:06 am

First Class Pet Travel for over 50 Years. We specialise in transporting pets across the UK and internationally. Ever since our inception in 1966 we have focused on developing a First-Class travel experience for your pet.