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“I’m so pleased with Russell’s help! I moved from Canada to London with my cat, and honestly don’t see how it would have been possible to get a place without him! He went to all viewings, negotiated the lease, even paid my holding deposit for me (since Canadian transfers take days, and we wanted to secure a property!) Overall it was a smart choice to hire Russell!! I would do it again for sure.“

“Russell is like the “renting with a pet” yoda/therapist you didn’t know you needed. A salve for the spirit during an otherwise anxious time. He gives solid advice, support, and guidance, without pushing for a decision. The man has the deep gift of patience. If you’re struggling in your search, or to close on an apartment…erm…flat, use his service-Pets Lets!“

“We presented Russell with a slightly unusual challenge of helping us find a central London apartment for ourselves plus our two dogs, cat and our rescue African Pygmy Hedgehog! Within a short period of time Russell was able to find a suitable property and secure it for us in a very competitive rental market. Russell has a great knowledge of the London property market, knows how to approach landlords in relation to accommodating pets and a good network of contacts with the main estate agents. We are very grateful to Russell for all his help in finding us a fantastic apartment and recommend him to anyone looking to rent a property in London with their pets. We could not have done it without him.“

“I’m so glad we found Russell and the PetsLets relocation service. We had to move in January from California with two pets, cat and dog. Rental inventory was so low in deep winter but we were expertly guided by Russell who stayed on top of all new listings and advocated for our family at every step. I was impressed with how many local agents Russell knows. Definitely has his finger on the pulse of animal friendly letting activity throughout London and beyond. If you want to secure your home with as little stress as possible, invest in Russell’s help. I’m so very glad we did. We’re happily ensconced in Southwest London now and loving the flat he found for us.“

“Pets Lets did a great job for me and my wife. We're moving back to London from California with our cat. They made the whole process easy, including finding leads, visiting flats, checking for pet conditions, and advising on rent to offer. We've got a great flat sorted out and are very happy.“

“I reached out to Russell in anticipation of our emigration to the UK with our three Dachshunds. He set up a meeting with me and gave me great advice about renting in London with pets. Russell recommended a few options and I secured an amazing flat that accepted our three dogs. Russell was super helpful and I would definitely recommend reaching out to Pets Lets if you need help or advice.“

“Again, really appreciate your help, your service has always been 10 star“

“My partner and I immigrated to the UK. We are obsessed with our fur babies and really struggled with finally a rental in the UK which would accept us without jobs and with pets. Russell assisted us with places, and viewed them personally to give us his opinion. We found our perfect home - and our fur babies agree! Highly recommend Pets Lets for anyone relocating with pets or looking for rentals with pets. Took all our stress away!“

“Russell at Pets Lets did a great job for me and my wife. We're moving back to London from California...“

“Highly recommend Pets Lets for anyone relocating with pets or looking for rentals with pets. Took all our stress away!.“

“More Landlords are accepting pets these days but the problem is with so many people offering on the same property they will often go for the no pet option. Your client seems likes a lovely lady so I am pleased you worked your magic and found her somewhere and through Hamptons!“

“Thanks Pets Lets for the lead. The person viewed the property, put in an offer and will be ready to sign and pay today.“

“We could not be more pleased with Russell and PetLets! He helped us every step of the way from advising us on the best neighborhood and understanding our home needs to even helping us with our new landlord and setting up utilities. He went above and beyond for us! It is overwhelming to move to a new country but having Russell gave us the confidence that we could find the perfect place for us and our dog. And we did! We love our flat, our dog loves it and would recommend PetLets to anyone moving to England!“

“Pets Lets is a fantastic platform which is designed to introduce tenants with pets to pet friendly properties. Being in the property industry for 10 years+ I found the process of speaking to tenants incredibly easy and have been introduced to good quality tenants very quickly“

“I moved to London on March 3rd, 2021 from Atlanta, GA, USA. After seeing several horror stories of finding pet friendly accommodation for myself and my two dogs, Frida and Henry, while doing research before coming, I came across Pet Lets and Russell. THANK GOODNESS I did!“

“I had struggled to find any pet friendly accommodation leading up to the arrival of my cats. Within a week of contacting Russell, Tracie had found numerous properties matching my needs and negotiated the pet situation with the landlords. I’m happy to say that myself and the cats have now moved into our new home and are settling in well.“

“Russell, without the help of both yourself and Matthew, we would not have been able to secure the property.“

“I can only highly recommend Russell. My dog Pichu and me love our new home. Russell really knows his job and got me exactly what I wished for. He has been extremely supportive during the move and I am beyond thankful for everything he did. He truly made moving to another country as easy as it can get for me.“

“Russell listened to what were looking for. Took it all in and then showed us some great alternative locations. I will be recommending Pets Lets to everyone who has a family pet and needs help finding a suitable property.“

“Pets Lets know London. They found us a flat in an area I had not even considered. Our beagle is super happy.“

“We moved to London with our cat. Pets Lets helped us find somewhere pet-friendly within our budget and in a location we wanted.“

“Finding a pet-friendly London property is stressful. Russell at Pets Lets just sorted everything out for us.“

“Knowing how difficult it is to find a pet-friendly apartment in London, we sought help from Russell to find our new home. We first spoke about what we were looking for and the location. Russell was very generous in respecting our requirements and thanks to him we found our perfect home! We had to move during the Corona Virus situation and Russell was very helpful in coordinating the viewings and filling in the paperwork. We have been in the apartment for a couple of weeks now and our dog has settled so quickly and is very happy about having a garden. I would definitely recommend Russell to save time and energy in finding a pet-friendly home in London! We really like it here. Snoop has already made some furry friends at the park!“

“We used Russell from Pets Lets when we moved from New Zealand to London and couldn't recommend him more. Our biggest concern was finding a suitable place to live that would accept us and two dogs but Russell managed the entire process, giving us absolute peace of mind to focus on the rest of the move. We had our first meeting with Russell via skype where we discussed what we were looking for (nice area, close to the tube, two-bedroom, yard, close to green space), budget, arrival date and expectations. Russell then handled everything, sending through a number of properties to consider that meet our criteria. With one locked in, he dealt with the letting agent/owner directly to ensure the property would be ready for when we landed. He even picked us up from the airport! We love our place! But more importantly our dogs love their new home. If you're considering Russell and Pets Lets, we would highly recommend his service.“

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