UK pet friendly properties

Why become a Pet friendly property owner?

3.2m pets were bought during lockdown
59% of new pet owners were under the age of 35 years old
The surge of new pet owners was mainly by Generation Z and Millennials.
This means a greater pool of potential tenants.
Tenants with pets are more responsible.
Research has shown pet owners stay longer in rented accommodation.
Pet owners will pay a higher rent or a larger deposit to secure the right property.
Longer tenancies reduce void periods.
Younger generations more likely to rent until much older. Large percentage of which are pet owners.

What about damage to my property?

There are insurance policies that cover landlords’ contents from pet damage.
Children and parties can damage properties far more than a dog or cat.
If this is a concern, meet your tenant with their pet or ask for references from a previous landlord or a vet.

General Advice

Some agents choose the ‘path of least resistance’ i.e. a tenant without a pet.
A tenancy can be a ‘lottery’. People have parties, smoke, vape and children can put handprints or paint on the walls and furniture.
Most dog owners invest in training when they adopt a puppy or a rescue dog. Older dogs sleep most of the day and some cat owners declaw their cats to avoid any incidents.
Keep your options open by considering pets. You can always say no.
With 17 million pet owners in the UK, it is too big a market to ignore.

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