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06.08.2020 03:42 pm
Pets & Property

Under the 1988 Road Traffic act 1988, dogs are seen as property as are some other animals such as cows, sheep and horses. Unlike injuring or killing a person with your car, running over a cat or dog or a collision with an animal, does not have to be reported.

In 2020, when nearly half the UK population has a pet and when dogs and cats are seen as people’s children and part of the family, these acts really are from Medieval Times.

04.08.2020 02:36 pm
Pet Moves

Want to fly with your pet in the cabin by your side to London and avoid cargo?

At Pet Moves we offer a great solution. Our clients fly to Paris, Charles De Gaulle Airport instead with their pets by their side in the cabin. A lot of airlines to London insist your pet is placed in cargo.

We will then chauffeur you with your pet direct to London or the South East of England via Eurotunnel. It means your pet is with you the whole journey for peace of mind.

30.07.2020 09:39 am
The Positive Impact of Dogs on Mental Health

Walking the dog is not just about getting your four-legged friend some exercise and do its ‘business’. It also concerns you as a dog owner also getting some exercise, clearing your head which is good for your mental health. Dogs and mental health make a good combination.

Modern day life is stressful. City life can be fast paced. Walking the dog gives you the ability to ‘take a breather’, get away from your desk if you are part of the increasing number of people working from home.

19.07.2020 05:08 pm
Lockdown London Dogs

The dog is really ‘a best friend’ and deserves to be treated as such. They always welcome you home. Make sure you reciprocate that warm feeling when they come to live with you.

17.07.2020 10:46 am
Country Dog House Hotel

The Country Dog Hotel is a 'home from home' Luxury Dog Hotel and Boarding near Taunton. When dog owners are away, the dogs are picked up in London and other locations and taken back to Somerset where they can make new friends, run around and be thoroughly pampered. They also work with wedding planners to look after the dog(s) on site at the venue during their owners big day.