UK pet friendly properties

Do Landlords prefer renting with cats?

02.05.2023 08:09 pm

With relocation clients with pets you see it all. A lot of our clients recently have been moving to the UK, in particular London and the Home Counties, with house cats. We are even finding properties that will accept 2 or more house cats. This week we agreed a property for a lovely client with 4 house cats. Within half an hour the landlord said yes. The tenants profile showed they were responsible pet owners. We know the pet cv’s also convinced the landlord to say yes. The agent told us. The power of the pet cv with those cute pictures really helps landlords to say yes to cats as well as dogs.

Why are landlords favouring cats over dogs?

At Pets Lets, we don’t think there is any ‘rhyme or reason to this’. You have to remember; property is a small world. You have lots of big landlords talking to each other. Everyone has their opinions, and it is about the experiences they have had with tenants with pets.

It seems at the moment, that house cats are chilled, sleep most of the day and cause little damage. If the tenant goes out, there won’t be any insecurity issues and unlike a dog it won’t bark loudly and cause a disturbance. They are basically very independent. I remember walking into a flat recently with a client in Shad Thames in London. As we walked into the living room, we were greeted by this ‘stern’ looking cat sitting on top of a cat ‘tower’. It looked as us to say ‘what do you want?’. It was relaxed and happy in it’s little ‘kingdom’. The flat itself was well looked after.

When it comes to pets and renting, landlords are sometimes influenced by ‘word of mouth’. Any landlord is reluctant to ‘risk’ a tenant that they may have issues ‘evicting’ for one reason or another. That is why some landlords are ‘cautious’ by nature.

Recently it was all about small dogs

Property is a fickle market. Views change. During lockdown it was all about small dogs. Landlords were happy to rent to tenants with popular small breeds, such as Pugs, French bulldogs, Pomeranian’s or Miniature dachshunds. When it comes to renting with dogs, it is all about the size of dog or breed as well as damage. A small property may not work for a bigger dog. Saying that, we did find a client a 1-bedroom flat with their big dog that faced Battersea Park. The landlord was happy as there was the park across the road.

Pet friendly tips for landlords and tenants

  • Tenant profile Get your profile in order before you look for a property. Employers reference, stating salary and position, a pet cv(s), previous landlord reference stating how well behaved you pet(s) are or one from a dog sitter or vet and proof of funds such as savings. Remember, rent is calculated at 2.5 times salary. If you need a guarantor, better to be UK based. For landlords, look at the tenant profile and not just the financial package. The highest bid is not always best.
  • A Happy Landlord The more organised the tenant the better. Make the offer with as much of the above information as possible. A landlord needs a clear picture of the potential tenant. A bit about the pets characters and that of the tenants can help.
  • Type of pets If your cats sleep a lot or are elderly, then say so in the pet cv. If you work from home a lot, then say so. If you have rugs to protect the flooring, mention it.
  • Flexible on furnishings This is for landlords and tenants. Landlords are more likely to accept cats or dogs unfurnished. Tenants, you may want furnished, just be open minded to unfurnished to get the right property.

At Pets Lets, we are encouraging landlords to consider pets. Even a small dog or a house cat. You can mix & match properties on our portal, everything from long lets, short lets or holiday lets. As long as they are pet friendly. The first month is free. Agents & landlords listing with us are getting regular leads. Why not give it a go.

This article was written by Russell Hunt, Founder of Pets Lets, the UK’s pet-friendly property portal where landlords will consider pets. We work with clients from around the world looking to relocate with their pets to the UK. A hub of information & where you can create your own pet cv. Passionate about pets & property.