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25.02.2024 12:18 pm
Renting in London with children and pets

The UK prides itself on being a pet-friendly nation, yet an increasingly challenging rental market is reshaping this perception. Many landlords, under the strain of recent UK tax and property legislation changes, are now hesitant to welcome pets, and astonishingly, even small children into their properties.

The question arises: Should property portals like Pets Lets, Open Rent, Rightmove, and Zoopla introduce a filter indicating whether small children are permitted? The very thought sparks disbelief, yet the trend is unmistakable, with estate agents confirming that some landlords indeed say no to children.

13.12.2023 04:43 pm
Pets & Renting In UK Properties

At Pets Lets we specialise in UK pet friendly rentals. All the time we have pet owners coming to us because it is so difficult to find out if a property will allow pets on the property portals such as Rightmove. Read on for some useful renting with pets tips

06.11.2023 10:12 am
Understanding the Gap: Why People Without Pets May Struggle to Understand Pet Owners

Living in a society rich in diversity, we often come across a silent divide - the one between pet owners and those without pets. Understanding why this gap exists can lead to a more harmonious coexistence. Let’s delve into the reasons behind the misunderstanding and how to bridge the divide.

As a pet owner you get it. They are a part of the family. You are welcomed at the door and there is complete devotion. Your dog or cat likes to ‘snuggle’ up to you. They bring joy to your lives.

Parents understand that feeling as it is a similar ‘bond’ with children. That is why some people refer to their pets as their ‘children’.

However, people without pets and/or children, just don’t understand it. This article looks into the reasons behind this.

05.11.2023 11:43 am
How to Talk to UK Estate Agents: A Renter's Guide

I have been an estate agent as well as a property search agent for over 25 years before setting up Pets Lets. I know how it all works. I currently look after clients looking to relocate to London with their pets.

People get frustrated with UK estate agents. Many don’t call you back or ignore your emails. You have to remember, that many agents work on a commission basis, so it is all about getting the ‘deal done’ asap.

They have lots of potential tenants looking with or without pets. Which of them are going to be the most ‘attractive’ to that specific landlord. Many offices work on independent commission, so it is ‘dog eat dog’, (excuse the pun) in the agency. A ‘winner takes all’ environment.

This blog offers a few tips on how to stand out amongst the ‘crowd’ and not be forgotten. Be the first in through the door.

26.09.2023 06:32 am
Pet Resume / CV Tips

Whether you call it a pet resume or a pet cv, it should be taken seriously. At Pets Lets, we have seen landlords change their minds and say yes to pets. This was from an estate agent after we won a sealed bid for a client: “There were 3 other good offers on the table but the dog CV sold it to them- I quote ‘ the cutest thing that they have seen.’”

A pet cv with a glowing reference from your previous landlord, can really make the difference.

We are specialists in UK pets & property. We talk to agents and landlords all the time. Click here to read more.

10.07.2023 06:23 am
Renting with pets and children

At Pets Lets we are constantly talking to estate agents and landlords about our clients and renting with their pets.

To be honest, we are not ‘surprised’ that children have now been added to the ‘pet’ category. It is all about damage. Having 3 children and a dog, I know from experience, and it is not the dog.

With the current volatile rental market, landlords are feeling under financial pressure just like tenants with rising rents. Many are having to sell their properties as the rent does not cover the mortgage. They are losing money every month. Some buy to let landlords are sympathetic and don’t want to pass on the rent increase to their tenants. How long will that last. Click to read more.

03.06.2023 09:06 am
New definition of getting on the housing ladder

In the past, talk of ‘getting on the housing ladder’ has always referred to buying a property. In the current climate it is difficult to save for a deposit with a cost-of-living crisis and rising mortgage rates. With rents going up due to a shortage of rental properties and regular daily price increases, how is renting now affordable? Londoners spend circa 53% of their salaries on rent alone.

17.05.2023 05:37 pm
Renters Reform Bill & Pets

The Renters Reform Bill will bring a huge sigh of relief to many pet owners. All too quickly landlords & estate agents have been saying no to pets. Insurance offers a simple solution to landlord concerns about potential damage when letting a property.

16.05.2023 04:54 pm
Are landlords opting to sell rather than let a property?

Since 2021, interest rates have increased 12 times. Jumps in mortgage rates and tax changes is making the buy to let market in the UK increasingly unappealing. Are private landlords now opting to sell rather than let their properties?

11.05.2023 01:32 pm
Renting is like a job interview

Don’t you think that offering on a rental property is as stressful as a job interview? Lots of candidates. Best behaviour and that includes your pet. Put your best offer forward. Wait for the phone to ring.

02.05.2023 08:09 pm
Do Landlords prefer renting with cats?

At Pets Lets, we are always talking to UK estate agents and landlords about pet friendly rentals. There has certainly been a changing trend when it comes to pets and renting. Some landlords say no to dogs but will accept cats.

11.04.2023 04:13 pm
A landlords guide to the benefits of letting to tenants with pets

You are a private landlord. So many times, estate agents ask you if you will accept pets. You are not sure. You have heard of bad experiences. The building allows pets or you own the freehold so there is no issue to letting with pets. You are just not sure. Will the furniture be ruined, will the place ‘smell’ of pet and what about allergies for future tenants. I can’t even ask for more than 5 weeks’ rent as a deposit. All very complicated, yet more than 50 % of ‘generation rent’ own a pet. They are their ‘four-legged children’.

06.02.2023 07:01 pm
Speaking to an estate agent

Speaking to an estate agent is becoming as frustrating as talking to a bank or utility company. All I want to know is if the property is pet friendly before having to fill out forms and downloading an Experian report.

23.01.2023 03:06 pm
Moving house with your cat

If you are moving house soon you might be worried about the stress your cat may feel about the change. Cats are territorial animals so moving into a new environment can be difficult for them. Here are some ways to make the move easier and how to support them with the process.

04.01.2023 04:58 pm
Pets & Prejudice

Over 50% of the UK population owns a pet. Yet surprisingly only 10% of UK landlords say yes to pets. This blog offers balanced advice to landlords.

08.12.2022 10:59 am
What did Pets Lets learn from 2022?

The two co-founders Pets Lets, Russell Hunt and Biscuit (basset/ beagle), sat down and reflected on what we have learnt in 2022 about renting with pets and in general.

We both agreed that lockdown brought out the best and the worst. The number of people in the UK adopting pets soared. Many dogs and cats and other pets found loving homes. However, when life returned to more normal pre-pandemic levels, many people found it too stressful to have a pet and we have sadly seen...

24.11.2022 04:05 pm
Top Tips for Christmas

By Jo Sellers at Pippin Pets Dog Training

Christmas is the time for luxury foods, noise, guests, presents and chaos. For our dogs, this can be a time for unsettled routines, temptation and over-excitement or fear.

To give your dog the best chance over the festive period, here are my top tips to help your pets:

17.11.2022 12:55 pm
Tips for Landlords when renting to pet owners

Hello, I am Russell Hunt, Founder of Pets Lets, a fellow landlord as well as dog owner.

I was a London estate agent and property search consultant for over 25 years. I founded Pets Lets having inherited 3 dogs from people, who’s landlords said no to pets. I have seen it all. I practice what I preach; a recent tenant rented with her dog in my London flat. She had relocated from the US to study. When the property was vacated there were no issues.

08.11.2022 02:36 pm
Tips looking for a UK rental property

Relocating to London and other parts of the UK is not easy. Demand is high for rental properties and stock levels are low. You talk to some estate agents, and they are down to the last few properties. This article from Sky news, highlights the extreme competition. It is very much a landlord’s market with some even refusing to do any work to a property between tenancies.

12.10.2022 06:14 pm
Tenant demand pushes up rents in the UK and London

Tenant demand in the UK and London is the highest it has been since records began in 2011. The number of people seeking privately rented homes has grown consistently throughout the course of the Covid pandemic. For every property there are on average 11 potential tenants.

Rental stock is down 38% compared to last year and estate agents ae down to their last properties.

05.10.2022 12:18 pm
In Limbo. UK Renting with Pets Legislation

Since 2010, the UK is on its fourth consecutive conservative prime minister. Just like any new person taking over, there is always a change of policy as well as personnel. That results in a lot on uncertainty across the board mixed with delays. That is what has happened with lets with pets. A huge issue when 50% of the UK population own a pet, mostly dogs or cats, which is also linked with the cost of living crisis, with pet insurance and pet food and general costs also on the increase.

16.09.2022 04:43 pm
Tips In A Busy London Rental Market

The London estate agent says the rental market is really busy. Properties are going in hours. As a tenant you think, a normal ‘pushy’ agent call. Yet this a big decision, which you need to think about, yet you don’t have the time too. Offer or lose out. These are unfortunately the challenges you face when looking to rent in the UK with or without a dog or a cat.

12.09.2022 11:33 am
Making Your Dog Feel At Home

Finding a UK rental property for you and your dog is not easy in a competitive market where landlords still [do not have to accept pets]( have-to-accept-pets-15382980/). This is sadly despite the proposed Pet Protection Bill. At Pets Lets, we specialise in finding pet friendly properties in London, The Home Counties as well as other parts of the UK for clients with pets as part of our Pet Friendly Relocation Service. When you are up against other tenants without pets, you are not as appealing to a landlord. In an ideal world, you need an estate agent who is a sympathetic dog owner, who will put a string case forward for you. That is what we do for our clients.

26.08.2022 12:02 pm
Top Tips When Renting With A Pet

The UK and London rental market is very competitive. Finding a property that does not go within a few hours is not easy. That is no exaggeration. You miss a phone call, can’t see the property that day or in the evening due to work or some other commitment and it is gone. Or you rush to see a property that the agent has said is great and has just come on the market, only to find it does not ‘tick the box’ at all.

09.08.2022 06:19 pm
Renting with a dog in the UK

Post lockdown, renting with a dog in the UK is far more complicated. The rental market is very competitive and there are so many more breeds of dogs. At Pets Lets, we regularly come across clients with a different breed of dog. Imagine an estate agent or landlord who does not own a pet; they would not have a clue as to the weight or size of the tenant’s dog(s). That is why the pet cv is such a powerful tool as it enables the property professional to visualise your ‘four legged friend’. Click here on Relocation Services to see example pet cv’s.

Dog friendly rentals is a highly searched google term in the UK. Pets are part of the family, and it is too big a market for landlords to ignore. That is why more property owners are considering letting to people with pets.

25.07.2022 06:19 pm
Glamping in a Cornish Yurt

The Pets Lets co-founders have been on site at. In fact, the site is owned by a fellow dog lover who we met locally. Biscuit befriended his dogs and we began speaking.

Whether a dog friendly rental is a long, short or holiday let, landlords who themselves have dogs/ pets understand what is required to make it a dog friendly environment, which works well for the dogs as well as the owners and their families. In fact, the whole site here is off grid. There are logs for bbq’s and heat in the evening or a wood burning stove in the yurts during the winter, as well as solar power for the hot water and lighting in the common parts. Water comes from a borehole and is filtered. Tastes great.

Glamping in yurts at The Fir Hill does exactly that.

12.07.2022 04:19 pm
London and Dogs

Renting with a dog in London and throughout the UK, should be simple. We are a dog loving nation. Pubs and cafes as well as department stores and boutiques say yes to dogs. The clue is outside the door, a water bowl, a refreshment before your owner walks in. Even my local pharmacy offers customers with dogs a large gravy bone. Funnily, it can get quite busy with dog’s owners. What a great marketing tool though! Dogs mirror children. There is a groomer, they have their own chic boutiques with accessories and outfits. There is ‘dog fashion’ and trends. You see vitamins for dogs advertised on the London underground and on the back of a bus. Dog chews and toys are a huge market and there are articles about the best chews and toys for your pups.

07.06.2022 04:23 pm
Pets Property and Children

Pets are people’s modern-day children. You read as well as hear the term ‘fur babies’. They are part of the family. It is all about lets with pets. People and their pets are inseparable.

I just spoke to a dog owner, who was ‘misled’ by a big an estate agency into signing a tenancy agreement without a pet’s clause. The first version of the tenancy agreement had a pet’s clause. When the tenant tried to get out of it, they argued that large costs would be incurred, so the tenant felt ‘forced’ to sign another version without the pet’s clause.

Whilst moving into their so called ‘London pet friendly property’, the landlord had no idea they had a dog. After a lengthy discussion, it has been agreed the tenant could stay until they found something asap.

23.05.2022 08:38 pm
Top Tips When Renting Or Buying With Pets In London

London property is complicated full stop. London pet friendly property is another matter. Renting with pets is another obstacle to overcome. Can you imagine buying a property, not fully owning it as it is leasehold, which prevents your dog or cat living in your own home. That would be a very costly mistake. Make sure when renting or buying as a pet owner that the ‘head lease’ is pet friendly. Never assume. Your pet is depending on you to provide their home.

As mentioned above, even buying a property with a pet can be difficult. Common sense says, I own the property, so therefore my dog or cat will live with me. Normally that is the case. If your property is leasehold or even share of freehold, yes you do own your apartment, but the building around and the common parts, come under a head lease, many of with in London still say no to pets.

19.04.2022 11:20 am
Renting With Dogs In London

Renting with a dog in London or anywhere full stop is all about being responsible. Landlords have enough ‘issues’ about pets causing damage and leaving odours behind. Responsible people with pets work hard to ‘spread the word’ that renting to people with dogs is ‘hassle free’ and the property will not be damaged and will indeed be well looked after.

The percentage of pet friendly landlords will only increase when word spreads that people renting with dogs and cats are responsible. So, it is sad to show this picture of a Central London rental property where the patio is covered with dog poo.

21.03.2022 05:29 pm
Lets With Pets issues In the UK

Lets with pets, part of Dogs Trust offers good advice to pet owners and landlords looking at the benefits of renting to people with pets. More landlords need to consider letting with pets. That takes time and landlords need to be educated about the merits. Yes you can take a reference, but at the end of the day, it is a ‘lottery’ as to how the tenant will be, regardless renting with or without a pet. Ask yourself ** who can make more damage to a property, a dog or cat or a child or teenager?** From personal experience as a dog owner with three teenagers, I have my own opinion and ‘champion’ the quest to convert UK landlords to consider lets with pets.

22.02.2022 12:21 pm
Power of The Pet CV

A lot of pet owners do not realise what a powerful tool the Pet CV is when applying for a pet friendly rental in the UK. A large percentage of people when renting with dogs for example, do not realise that Pet CV’s exist, let alone make a difference. Even estate agents look at you twice when you mention you have a Pet CV.

Why does a Pet CV help? When a landlord sees a Pet CV they visualise a responsible pet owner, who will look after their property. They have gone to the effort to put down all their details about their pets. It shows how important to them their dogs and cats are. They are part of the family. The principle is the same as a normal employment CV. The better it is collated the more impressive you come across as a potential employee.

15.02.2022 10:05 am
Pets are part of the family

The Kurt Zouma, kicking his cats story has highlighted how important pets are to people. With half the UK population owning a pet, they play a big part in society.

Increasing shops and cafes are becoming pet friendly. Water bowls are outside shops during the summer months as a sign you can come inside with your dog. If you own a shop why turn away half your target market.

Everywhere you go you see people walking their dogs and an increasing number of adverts portray pets. Even an energy company this year told people Hug a pet on an LBC interview, which was later retracted, but highlights how ingrained pets are in modern day society. be further action by the) RSPCA

07.02.2022 08:02 am
Renting with Pets, an Emotive Topic

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” Mahatma Gandhi

The UK is seen globally as one of the pet friendliest nations.

Half the UK population have a pet and over lockdown an extra 3.2 million people in the UK adopted a pet. This is a huge statistic. It represents a change in modern day life, with increasing number of people having ‘fur babies’. Dogs and cats are people’s children.

24.01.2022 09:09 am
Diary of A Pet Friendly Relocation Agent

Pets are part of the family. By landlords saying no to pets, it is the same as not allowing people’s children. With circa 50% of the UK population owning a pet and an extra 3.2 million pets being adopted over lockdown, this represents a growing number of potential pet owning tenants across the UK.

16.01.2022 12:14 pm
Renting in the UK With A Pet

What do I need to know about renting in the UK with my dog or cat? According to a Pets Mag poll, the UK is a nation of dog and cat lovers, which of course came first and second. Surprisingly the guinea pig and hamster came 29th and 30th very strange, as you see them in many households with younger children.

04.01.2022 10:13 am
Do Pets Really Cause A Lot Of Damage?

When it comes to pets and property, damage is the main concern landlords have. At Pets Lets we talk to agents and landlords whilst we are finding pet friendly rentals for clients. Landlords are concerned primarily by damage and smells and how that will affect future tenants with allergies. However, adults damage properties; there have been many places we have been to where the landlord is carrying out extensive works because the last tenants ‘trashed’ the place. Also, children have be known to have paint brushes, crayons, parties and like anyone can cause some damage. To say dogs and cats, cause extensive damage is an ‘exaggeration’, when most sleep all day.

07.12.2021 11:46 am
The Changing UK Rental Market With or Without Pets

The UK is a pet loving nation. Over lockdown, a staggering 3.2 million pets were bought over lockdown. So why do people talk about how difficult it is to find pet friendly rentals in the UK? It is a big topic of conversation across social media, at dinner parties, and is on the ‘agenda’ in the House of Commons, to make it easier to have Pets in Rented Homes.

05.10.2021 06:59 am
The Rise of the Pet Friendly Build To Rent Sector

The private rental market is set to grow to 22% by 2023. Rising property prices, difficulties saving for a mortgage deposit as well as stringent mortgage criteria, have already been forcing many to rent.

The focus has moved away from the ‘obsession’ with bricks & mortar and having a mortgage, to renting, seeing your friends, as well as being able to travel. Build to Rents (BTR’s) are changing the face of the rental landscape in the UK. Good news for pet owners is that 47% of build to rent (BTR) developments are stating they are pet friendly.

15.09.2021 01:26 pm
The Changing UK Pet Rental Market

“We tell landlords they have to consider tenants with pets. Demand is too high to ignore. We see this changing a lot in 2022 with more pet friendly properties coming on. Competition is tough though against people without pets.” North London Agent, August 2021.

”We see an increasing number of landlords saying yes to a small dog or house cat and being won over by cute images.” Pets Lets Relocation Consultants

02.09.2021 07:02 am
Amend Tenant Fees Act

Amend Tenant Fees Act to make bringing pets into rented accommodation easier, say MPs, peers and campaigners

A cross-party group of over 35 MPs and peers have joined leading pet charities and landlord associations have penned an open letter.pdf to Robert Jenrick, Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government, urging him to amend the Tenant Fees Act after new research demonstrated the negative impact the Act has had on pets in rented accommodation.

08.06.2021 03:10 pm
Dog Friendly Isle of Wight

With my 16 year old having finished his GCSE’s what better way to celebrate than take him away with our beagle/ basset, Biscuit & Co Founder of Pets Lets, as well as a friend of my sons to experience a dog friendly holiday on the Isle of Wight.

Simple to get to from London and the ferry to Fishbourne from Portsmouth (insert Whitley ferries link) was easy. We even arrived early and drove straight on to a ferry. Before 8.30am we were on the Isle of Wight with all three asleep in the back of the car.

Holidaying with a dog can be more complicated when looking for place to stay. On Pets Lets we list pet friendly rentals from long & short lets to holiday lets and now dog friendly pub rooms. We work a lot with Michael Paul Holidays, who are so helpful and recommend and decided to use one of their resorts that we list on the Pets Lets portal. Biscuit needed to ‘sniff’ the place out.

When going on holiday with a dog or more than one dog, there are other things to consider. At your dog friendly place to stay, having that safe and secure bit of outside space makes such a difference in the morning and at night. Far more relaxing and stressful. Save the harness and leads for the main walks during the day.

21.05.2021 02:51 pm
Renting with Pets in the UK

At Pets Lets, we work with clients from all over the world looking to relocate with their pets. They are astounded by how difficult it is here in the UK to find pet friendly rentals.

In other counties if you want to rent with your dog, it is a simple process. Yet here in the UK, it is a ‘hotly debated topic’.

Landlords are keen to protect their investments and are concerned at the potential damage can do to their properties. It takes one irresponsible pet owner to have a knock-on effect with landlords and estate agents. Talking to property professionals, you hear about cats scratching carpets and dogs chewing furniture.

Yet 9 times out of 10, pet owners are far more responsible than tenants without pets, and you can argue that dogs and cats damage properties less than children. On the other hand, pet owners are equally as vocal about landlords and agents not listening to them and ‘flatly’ saying no to pets.

23.03.2021 06:45 pm
London Pet Friendly Developments

At Pets Lets we specialise in finding pet friendly rentals. We talk to landlords and agents as well as visit developments all the time. The topic of conversation is how landlords should be more open minded when renting to tenants with pets.

According to the is BBC News article, only 7% of landlords allow pets. It also refers to ‘renters being allowed to keep well-behaved pets’. In fact, nothing has changed. The law has suggested rather than enforced that landlords should consider pets.

The Pets Lets pet friendly property portal list properties that allow cats and dogs all the time. It is about landlords considering pets as dogs and cats vary in size and quantity. We come across pet owners all the time who are looking for rural unfurnished properties because they have more than four dogs, need the space and would prefer that their own furniture has ‘wear and tear’, rather than worrying about the landlords furniture. It is about giving landlords the ability to consider each case. Don’t say no to all pets. If the tenant has a small dog or a house cat then that is a different proposition to a pet owner with a number of pets.

People renting with pets do stay longer and do tend to be responsible as they appreciate the landlord allowing pets

More information about the properties mentioned in this blog is on Pets Lets a 100% pet friendly property portal where landlords consider pets.

14.03.2021 10:21 am
Pet Friendly Renting in London & The UK

The Best Pet Friendly Property Portals & Facebook Groups

Anyone coming to the UK and London with a pet, realises sooner or later, that finding rentals that allow pets is not easy. It is time consuming and a lot of landlords and estate agents say no to pets We are a pet loving nation, 50% of the population has a pet and lockdown witnessed a surge in people adopting pets, in particular puppies.

03.03.2021 05:25 pm
The UK & Renting with Pets

By 2025, it is estimated 40% of the UK population will be renting. In London alone that figure is set to increase to 60%. Currently 50% of the UK population has a pet. 30% of pet owners do not declare their pet(s) to their landlords. Hundreds of pets a year are returned to shelters because landlords say no. Refusing pet friendly accommodation has a negative effect on society.

26.02.2021 12:47 pm
Renting with Pets in the UK, France, Germany and Canada

In the UK, basically landlords are afraid of what they don’t know. A pet means damage to many and they hear horror stories. Unlike the other afore mentioned countries, a UK landlord cannot ask for a bigger deposit, add a request for pet insurance and a deep clean to be written into the tenancy agreement. Unlike their counterparts overseas, their hands are tied. Yet it is forecast that by 2025, 60% of the UK population will own a pet. With a younger ‘generation rent’, that is over half the available tenants. Something has to change. The recent suggestive approach by the UK government is not enough and it needs to be regulated.

16.02.2021 05:24 pm
How Pets Lets Eased the Agony of Renting with a Pet in London

Pets Lets is a London-based pet-friendly property portal with over 20 years of experience. They help pet owners find pet-friendly rentals and also offer a UK relocation service, as well as advice and tips for pet owners.

11.02.2021 02:39 pm
Renting with Pets

At Pets Lets, our network of UK relocation consultants are constantly speaking to agents and landlords across the country about pet friendly properties. We are so passionate about the subject of renting with pets in the UK that we have set up a Pets and Property Tips Facebook Group where we can offer professional advice.

Questionable Extra Fees for Tenants with pets

Otherwise known as pet rents, pet owners are finding themselves charged an extra rent per month for a pet, ranging from £20 – 50 per month. Finding pet friendly accommodation or landlords that will consider renting to people with pets can be tricky. Adding another fee on top is too much. It is merely a backlash because of the 2019 tenant Fees Act which made the landlord absorb some of the tenant’s costs. People renting with pets is an obvious way to recoup those costs.

We have even come across an Estate Agent trying to charge dog background checks

04.02.2021 09:09 am
Renting with Pets in the UK

Summary of changes in UK legislation in renting with pets

As the Founder of Pets Lets, a Landlord, pet owner, a property search agent for over 20 years, I have a lot of experience dealing with landlords and agents.

I came across a person recently who has a dog and rents out a property. They agreed that is hard to find a property that allows pets, but as a landlord they would not allow people with pets. You would hope that a fellow dog owner would be a more sympathetic landlord.

We are so passionate about the subject of renting with pets in the UK that we have set up a Pets and Property Tips Facebook Group where we can offer pet owners struggling to find a pet friendly place, professional advice.

29.11.2020 10:56 am
Why Not To Hide a Pet From Your Landlord

Why NOT to hide a Pet from your Landlord

Did you know that just under half the UK population owns a pet? It would not surprise me if that has now risen to 50% with the pre and post lockdown rush to adopt a pet. We all know friends or relatives who have a new puppy. In the US, 85 million families own a pet. A staggering statistic.

So, it is not uncommon for people to have a dog or cat. To many your pet is part of the family, it is like having a ‘child’ that you look after, who welcomes you home each time. Even if you have been gone for only 5 minutes. It’s comforting for everyone. You move into your home and settle in.

What’s missing; of course, a ‘four-legged’ friend. Always wanted a cat or dog. What will the landlord say? How will they find out? We never see them. They don’t drop by. What could possibly go wrong, it’s fine.

02.11.2020 10:34 am
How to Find Pet Friendly Apartments in London

In a city where cafes, pubs, and even department stores have opened their doors to our four-legged friends, why are London’s landlords bucking the pet friendly trend?

To answer this question–and to shed light on how to find pet friendly apartments in London–I’ve invited Russell Hunt to share his expertise.

Russell is the Founder of Pets Lets, a 100% pet friendly London property portal with a relocation service and a hub of information about dogs in London. Pets Lets is a community where people with pets matter, and Russell is a staunch advocate for increasing the number of pet friendly landlords in the city.

12.10.2020 11:24 am
Landlords Please Consider Pets

At Pets Lets we ask landlords to consider pets. Look at it on a case by case basis. Property Owners can 'consider pets' without feeling obliged to let to people with a dog or a cat. You can stipulate a small dog or a cat or even allow more than one pet. It is totally up to you. The layout and size of the property will also be a factor. We suggest you meet the tenants with their dog(s) or cat(s). You will know very quickly whether it will work or not.

11.09.2020 03:28 pm
One Irresponsible Dog Owner

In the pet sector, we are all working hard to make it easier to live with your pets. It takes a while to convince agents and landlords that having a dog or cat in your property, will not cause excess damage or upset your neighbours. All it takes is one bad dog owner and that landlord will never rent again to someone with a pet. Worst still, if that landlords owns a big property portfolio and is well connected in the London residential sector, then the damage done by one irresponsible owner is far greater.

18.08.2020 06:07 pm
London Pet Relocation

Moving with your pet is emotional. Your four legged friend is part of the family. To many another child. There is now way you would leave your dog or cat behind.

To a landlord, renting out their property is a business decision devoid of emotion. It is all about the tenant being able to pay the rent. If the tenants is hardly going to be there, then minimal wear and tear to the property is more appealing. To UK landlords, having a dog in the property means damaged furniture and neighbours being woken up during the night by barking.

It is an out of date mindset. People have parties, children draw on the walls and adults vape or smoke. Most dogs sleep, exercise outside and are well behaved. Like people there is the odd exception which gives pets as tenants a bad reputation which agents and landlords remember for a long time.

06.08.2020 03:42 pm
Pets & Property

Under the 1988 Road Traffic act 1988, dogs are seen as property as are some other animals such as cows, sheep and horses. Unlike injuring or killing a person with your car, running over a cat or dog or a collision with an animal, does not have to be reported.

In 2020, when nearly half the UK population has a pet and when dogs and cats are seen as people’s children and part of the family, these acts really are from Medieval Times.

13.07.2020 07:59 am
Tenants With Pets Deserve Better

In the UK, it is not against the law for a landlord or letting agent to charge an extra ‘pet rent’. In addition to you paying for your own rent, your four-legged ‘furry friend’, which is part of the family, is charged an additional rent. With some pet friendly rentals, it is not unusual to pay an extra £20-50 per month. Naturally that comes out of the pocket of people who own pets.

06.07.2020 11:07 am
Dog Friendly Rentals

The 2019 Tenants Fees Act has had a negative impact on dog and cat friendly rentals in London and across UK Cities. How can you say no to dogs who wants to be part of the family. They cannot be left behind. Only 10% of London landlords offer dog friendly rentals.

30.06.2020 04:40 pm
Landlords Please Allow Pets

Be ahead of other Landlords. Open your doors to people with pets. Nearly 50% of the UK are pet owners and only 10% of London Landlords allow dogs. A Huge Opportunity as dog and cat owners stay longer and are responsible.

25.06.2020 03:46 pm
Renting in London with a Dog & General Tips

London is viewed by many as a welcoming Capital for people with pets. People come from all over the world with their dogs and cats to work as well as attend University or a College. London really is a top pet-friendly relocation destination.

18.06.2020 10:01 am
Go Boat London

GoBoat is the fun, dog-friendly boating experience in central London. From our pontoon at Paddington Basin, you will have access to a stunning section of the Regent’s Canal.

16.06.2020 08:36 pm
Working From Home With Pets

Every dog and cat can react differently to you working from home. Some need more boundaries, if you work a lot from home. Without them they can become clingy, develop separation anxiety, especially if they are young.

16.06.2020 12:46 pm
Happy London Dogs

A third of Londoners claimed they would sacrifice living within the catchment area of a decent school if it meant their dog would have a happy home.

16.06.2020 12:10 pm
The Effects Of Too Few London Pet Friendly Properties

Research has shown that owning a pet can decrease stress, improve mood and boost opportunities to socialise. Whether to are travelling on the underground, shopping or walking in the parks and commons, if you have a dog, people will come up and talk to you. It opens up a whole new London pet friendly world.

15.06.2020 07:03 am
Pets Are ‘Modern Day Children’

People are increasingly treating their cats and dogs as humans. They are seen as part of the family and in some cases as people’s children.

10.06.2020 07:10 am
London is one on the pet friendliest Cities

London is a hub of pet activity. It is hard to walk in any part of London without seeing people walk their dogs. We are a pet loving nation and pets are like family and make people happy. More and more ‘boutique’ pet shops and groomers are opening across the Capital.

08.06.2020 08:12 am
Tips For Working Dog Owners

Is it possible to have a dog if you work full-time? The simple answer is yes.

05.06.2020 12:26 pm
Renting in London with a Dog

Britain is a nation of dog lovers. In a large Capital City like London, it’s not uncommon to see all kinds of dogs from French Bulldogs, to Cockapoo’s to Labradors to Dachshunds to Beagles running around in the parks and commons with their four-legged friends. You also see dog owners talking to each other. A great social life for all. And yet, renting in London with a dog or even a cat is difficult.

04.06.2020 07:05 am
Dogs on London Underground

Travelling with your Dog on the London Underground (Tube)

03.06.2020 04:43 pm
Dogs in London

Living in London with a dog

03.06.2020 04:34 pm
Pets & London Property

London is ‘behind the times’ as a place to live with your pets

03.06.2020 09:25 am
London Dog Week

London Dog Week, an event not to be missed

03.06.2020 09:15 am
The Londog

The Londog is a blog as well as a dog-friendly London information hub, helping you discover dog-friendly things to do and places to see in London

03.06.2020 08:50 am
The Dogvine

The Dogvine is a multiple award-winning lifestyle blog for London dogs

03.06.2020 07:47 am
Pet Friendly Landlords

Why London Landlords need to start accepting pets