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The Best Dog Breeds for City Living

31.10.2023 03:39 pm

The Best Dog Breeds for City Living

Walking by the river, exploring extensive green spaces, or visiting welcoming pet-friendly cafes and shops - the city is a playground for dogs and their owners. However, some dog breeds navigate the urban landscape better than others. Here’s a brief list of dog breeds that perfectly complement the rhythm of city life.


Outdoor Enthusiasts: A bit biased here as my dog, Biscuit, is a beagle/ basset also known as a baglehond. Beagles are energetic, loving the vibrancy of well-kept city parks. Their friendly nature also makes them great companions for trips to pet-friendly establishments.

French Bulldog

Adaptability: French Bulldogs effortlessly adapt to apartment living thanks to their compact size and moderate exercise needs. Their charming personality is a bonus, making them fantastic companions for city dwellers.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Train-Friendly: These small, affectionate dogs handle public transport like pros. Their adaptable and sociable nature makes them great city pets, comfortably navigating trains and busy streets.


Explorers at Heart: Dachshunds are curious and love exploring. Riversides, parks, or city streets, they are always up for a new adventure, fitting seamlessly into the urban environment.

Labrador Retriever

Water Lovers: Labradors thrive near water bodies. Their love for swimming makes cities with rivers ideal, ensuring they get the best of urban life and natural beauty. They also love to get muddy. Make sure you double-check the restrictions that apply to dogs going into ponds and nature reserves.


Urban Adapters: Pugs do well in apartments and are always ready for short, explorative walks. They encapsulate the spirit of city living with their adaptable and charming personalities.

Shih Tzu

Cafe Companions: Shih Tzus are lap dogs, happy to accompany owners to pet-friendly cafes. Their calm demeanour makes them ideal companions for relaxed city outings.

Boston Terrier

Compact and Comfy: Perfectly sized for the city, Boston Terriers are easy-going pets that handle the bustling urban environment and public transport with grace.


There is a lot to consider when choosing a 'city' dog breed. Living in smaller spaces. Walking the streets, running in parks as opposed to the country life and large open fields. Tailoring the choice based on urban elements such as rivers, green spaces, and pet-friendly amenities makes city living a joyous journey for our canine companions.