UK pet friendly properties

Happy Clients

03.06.2020 04:21 pm

At Pets Lets we love it when clients are happy. I refer to our ‘two & four-legged’ clients.

We are always looking for pet-friendly London properties which we source through all kinds of contacts. We are more than just relocation agents; we list properties and our passion is about people being able to live at home with their pets. Why should tenants with pets have to ‘look over their shoulder’ in case the landlord turns up and the dog barks. That is why we are aiming to work with the pet community to make London a pet-friendly destination and where letting with a pet is a simple process. Pets make people happy and they bring families together.

Some landlords in London are more pet-friendly than others. Recently we found a pet-friendly rental through a contact. The landlord was so relaxed about there being 2 dogs and made sure everything was in order and refurbished. Our client was flying in from New Zealand and he made sure they had crockery and left the wifi working for them.

It was a pleasure to work with the landlord and see someone who was happy to have pets in their property. Even after they moved in, we were still there to help and advise.

The client is now happily settled and is close to the common. The dogs are already making friends and have adapted to their new lives in the UK. Here is a testimonial from the client:

“We used Russell from Pets Lets when we moved from New Zealand to London and couldn't recommend him more. Our biggest concern was finding a suitable place to live that would accept us and two dogs but Russell managed the entire process, giving us absolute peace of mind to focus on the rest of the move.

We had our first meeting with Russell via skype where we discussed what we were looking for (nice area, close to the tube, two-bedroom, yard, close to green space), budget, arrival date and expectations. Russell then handled everything, sending through a number of properties to consider that meet our criteria. With one locked in, he dealt with the letting agent/owner directly to ensure the property would be ready for when we landed. He even picked us up from the airport!

We've been in our new place for two weeks and love it! But more importantly our dogs love their new home. If you're considering Russell and Pets Lets, we would highly recommend his service.”

For another client with a French Bulldog, we were up against 5 other parties. On behalf of the client, Pets Lets put together a full proposal including a Pet CV, however, the pet-friendly landlord, chose a tenant without a pet. These are the obstacles you face and we have already identified another potential pet-friendly rental for them.

Letting is complicated enough without a pet. For more information on letting with pets, have a look at this Dogs Trust link or alternatively get in contact with Pets Lets for free pet & property advice. Russell Hunt is the Founder of Pets Lets, loves pets and has a Beagle/ Bassett, and has been advising clients on buying, selling and letting London property for over 20 years. To find out more, email us at or follow us on Instagram @petslets