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26.10.2020 09:30 am
Relocating To London With Your Pet

Pets Lets Pets Transfer & Property Relocation Service. Pets are part of the family. It is like having another child. You cannot expect someone to leave behind a member of the family. Cats and dogs in general, exercise outside and then sleep most of the day. Most owners spend a lot of time training their dogs, making them far more responsible than adults without pets.

Unfortunately, the majority of London and UK landlords, particularly in the cities, do not see it that way. To them dogs make a mess, damage the furniture and annoy the neighbours. It they can have a tenant without a pet, then much easier. An outdated way of thinking and something we at Pets Lets and other pets professionals are trying to change.

09.06.2020 08:11 am
London Pet Friendly Rentals

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03.06.2020 04:29 pm
Living with Pets in London

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03.06.2020 04:21 pm
Happy Clients

A Really Happy Pets Lets Relocation client

03.06.2020 03:57 pm
Pet friendly London rentals

How to find pet friendly London rentals

20.05.2020 08:23 am
Relocating to the UK with Pets

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