UK pet friendly properties

Pets Are ‘Modern Day Children’

15.06.2020 07:03 am

People are increasingly treating their cats and dogs as humans. They are seen as part of the family and in some cases as people’s children. We rely on our pets for companionship, a need to look after them. Those sad eyes look up at you, and you can’t resist.

Modern life with pets has changed. All over the UK, you see people walking the dog. Dog walkers have evolved from people juggling busy lives and making sure their dogs are looked after. People are no longer content to shut the door and leave the dog at home alone for hours on end. They would rather pay for the dog to be walked, have a run around and socialise with other dogs.

The UK spends £10m a year on dogs and £8m a year on cats. Research carried out, found that 42% of those people questioned, would not cut back on pet treats, even if budgets are tight. This highlights the importance of dogs to people. They are part of the family and they would rather make cuts elsewhere than on spoiling their pets. It is no longer the case of going to a supermarket and buying a tin of dog or cat food. Today there are the upmarket human equivalents of Waitrose and even Harrods, with Poppys Picnic, and Fetch

The pet cosmetic market is huge. Dog Grooming is booming. With the lockdown, dogs have needed grooming as well as people needing haircuts. The Groomers Spotlight is a great way to find a verifiable groomer near you. It is not just about a haircut, there are also pet cosmetics.

People in the UK spend an average of £200 a year on dog clothes, with the UK spending £10 billion a year on their dogs in total. One in five people actually spend £20 a month on a new outfit for their dogs. This is easily done as spoiling your dog or cat is an emotional purchase.

The trends of pets are mirroring people. Pets are now having haircuts, being looked after, just like children, spoilt with treats and chewable toys or scratch posts. Taken for a hair cut and like children walked on the common or in parks where they can meet their friends.

There are pets supermarkets, just look at the number of Pets at Home across the UK, aisles of pets merchandise.

Pet businesses are booming across the UK. We are nation of pet lovers. Yet, across the UK, if is still very difficult to find a pet friendly rental. Landlords are reluctant to let to people with pets. It can take people seven times longer to find somewhere to live that will accept your dog or cat. That is why there is a growing trend to have smaller dogs as Landlords are more reluctant to accept a tenant with a big dog, due to the fear it may cause damage in the property.

Only 10% of London Landlords are pet friendly. The capital has real problem with the number of blocks that have non-pets clauses. 35% of pet owners in London have not informed their landlords that they now have a pet.

At Pets Lets we have identified this issue and offer people with pets property advice.