UK pet friendly properties

Why open your doors to pets?

28.05.2020 05:01 pm
  • The UK has now more cats & dogs than children!
  • The UK has a dog population alone of 9m! 45% of the population has a pet. Forecast to be 50% within 5 years
  • In the next 10 years approximately 25% of people aged between 20-40 years old will buy a house, which means more pet owners will need a London pet-friendly rental
  • If you don’t consider pets, you will lose out to local competition
  • With so few pet-friendly properties, you will be in high demand, so it won’t be vacant for very long.
  • Pet owners are more likely to stay longer in the property than those without.
  • By opening your door to people with pets, you attract more responsible tenants, who will make an extra effort to ensure there is no damage.