UK pet friendly properties

Renting is like a job interview

11.05.2023 01:32 pm

Just seen a perfect property. Your partner is not about to see it There is lots of interest. The estate agent is talking about sealed bids by midday tomorrow.

You have been looking for months. With only 10% of landlords renting to people with pets, makes it harder. This house has a lovely south facing garden. Easy walk to the station

With little time, you have to take some pictures and a video of the house. Little chance of a second viewing. Might have to base it off the footage. Just so stressful. Not even put in a bid yet.

If you make an offer, it needs to be on a best and final basis. Show you are responsible. Will look after the property and our dog won’t create any damage. Do you offer a few months upfront to move in asap? What about a pet cv, does that help? What is the advice for tenants when putting together a bid. So much to consider as well as the offer price.

Seriously reminds one of applying for a job. All the applications, tweaking your own CV and when you get a job offer, decide quickly, or lose out.

Sums up what tenants are faced with in a competitive rental market

A rental treadmill

In busy markets, properties come and go. Some estate agents get people through the door and then call round for offers. Lose out on one property and another comes on. Just seen a listing on the Rightmove portal, know the agent and they never contacted me. Now under offer. Waiting to hear back from a landlord on Open Rent. You just have to be ‘on it’ the whole time.

The situation is getting worse with interest rate increases and landlords deciding to sell Only 10% of landlords said they plan to increase their property portfolios. 33% said they would cut the number of properties and would sell rather than rent out. That is despite 70% of landlords saying the demand from prospective tenants has increased.

So, with landlords looking to sell and with demand outstripping supply, that is why bidding on any property feels like a ‘job interview’. So many ‘candidates’ for one property/ position.

Tenant / employee

Home and work lives are so inter-connected with many more people working from home in a post lockdown environment.

A landlord is kind of like your ‘boss’ at work. They have rights to inspect a property with 24 hours’ notice. That is why any tenants who have adopted a pet without notifying the landlord are at ‘risk’ of eviction. Always make sure you have a pets clause in your tenancy agreement. Have a look at The Dogs Trust Lets With Pets Scheme as well as The Pets Lets Portal for help and letting with pets.

Landlord / employer

As a landlord with one or more buy to let properties, you are like an employer. You are looking for the right candidates/ tenants. Profile is important. Longevity is also key. You want a good employee or tenant to stay in their job or rent for a while. You don’t want someone in your buy to let property or office, that will be there a short time.

If you are listing and managing your own viewings on a platform like Open Rent,what do you ask prospective tenants to see if they will be responsible and can afford the rent. Points an agent would normally ask. Letting your property for any landlord is a business, so questions have to be asked up front. Tenants should prepare all the paperwork and have answers at hand. An organised tenant appeals to many landlords.

At Pets Lets, we are encouraging landlords to consider pets. Even a small dog or a house cat. You can mix & match properties on our portal, everything from long lets, short lets or holiday lets. As long as they are pet friendly. The first month is free. Agents & landlords listing with us are getting regular leads. Why not give it a go.

This article was written by Russell Hunt, Founder of Pets Lets, the UK’s pet-friendly property portal where landlords will consider pets. We work with clients from around the world looking to relocate with their pets to the UK. A hub of information & where you can create your own pet cv. Passionate about pets & property.