UK pet friendly properties

A landlords guide to the benefits of letting to tenants with pets

11.04.2023 04:13 pm

You are a private landlord. So many times, estate agents ask you if you will accept pets. You are not sure. You have heard of bad experiences. The building allows pets or you own the freehold so there is no issue to letting with pets. You are just not sure. Will the furniture be ruined, will the place ‘smell’ of pet and what about allergies for future tenants. I can’t even ask for more than 5 weeks’ rent as a deposit. All very complicated, yet more than 50 % of ‘generation rent’ own a pet. They are their ‘four-legged children’.

You can offset 10% wear and tear against tax

If as a landlord you are considering letting your property to tenants with pets, try a small dog or a house cat first if that makes you feel more comfortable. When renting to tenants with or without pets, there is always a degree of wear and tear. You can offset 10% against tax.

The main reasons landlords should consider tenants with pets

At Pets Lets, we work with tenants with pets. We see how happy pet owners are when we find them a rental. They appreciate pet friendly landlords and look after the property. They tend to stay longer. Nobody with a dog or cat wants the stress of moving again if they are happy. A happy tenant means a happy landlord. References only really say the tenant has sufficient earnings or savings to pay the rent. You have no idea about character and social behaviour. ‘Touch wood’, never had a problem letting my own properties to pet owners.

A large pool of tenants & growing

You cannot ignore the number of tenants now with pets. As a landlord you must get regular enquiries from pet owners. Unless the building has a no pets clause, have you not considered letting your property to a tenant with a dog or cat? Perfect tenant profile single person, good income, glowing previous landlord reference and that includes their small dog, what more proof do you need they are responsible? With sharers for example, the wear and tear tends to be more severe and how much will they look after the property?

Pet owners stay longer

As mentioned earlier, pet friendly properties are hard to come by so they are valued and will stay longer. Their pet is part of the family, so they will be happy to forgo any ‘luxuries’ other tenants may ask for. In any rental agreement you can specify the agreed pets in the pet’s clause, which can be amended, subject to agreement, with any changes in pet ownership.

Better an honest tenant than one that sneaks a pet in

Some tenants move into a property and then get a cat or dog when settled in. Nothing has been agreed about letting your property with a pet. The eviction process is a long one. They are paying the rent on time, there have been no complaints, yet as a landlord you are not in complete control. If there is a no pets policy in the building, then that is a different matter as you would be under pressure from the management company to sort it out. Better to have it all clarified about letting with pets at the very beginning.

Steps to reduce any risks letting to tenants with pets

  • If you live locally, then perhaps ask to meet the tenants with their pets. This will give you a better idea whether they will be responsible tenants.
  • A Pet CV. See pictures of the pets. Have the dogs been trained, all had their vaccinations? If a tenant does not have one, point them to our portal where you can create a Pet CV.
  • A previous landlord reference, otherwise, a letter from a doggy day care or another professional such as their vet.

Useful pet friendly rental sources of information

Pets Lets is about educating and advising landlords about renting with pets. Click on our Landlords Guide for some useful information The Lets with Pets Scheme run by Dogs Trust id another great source of information for landlords who are unsure about letting their property to someone with a pet. Open Rent is a popular private landlord website where you can upload your properties. Here are some tips about considering renting to people with pets.

Try listing your properties on Pets Lets

Pets Lets is just like Open Rent where you can upload your own properties. We are of course new and growing. However, our focus is very much on pets & property and a growing number of estate agents are listing their pet friendly rentals with us and getting regular leads. We also provide pet owners with information about renting properties with pets and working with landlords to say yes to their dog or cat. A growing number of pet companies are listing with us and we relocate clients from around the world with their pets to the UK.

At Pets Lets, we are encouraging landlords to consider pets. Even a small dog or a house cat. You can mix & match properties, whether it is a long, short of holiday let. The first month is free and you can list up to 3 properties. Agents listing with us are getting regular leads. Why not give it a go.

This article was written by Russell Hunt, Founder of Pets Lets, the UK’s pet-friendly property portal where landlords will consider pets. We work with clients from around the world looking to relocate with their pets to the UK. A hub of information & where you can create your own pet cv. Passionate about pets & property.