UK pet friendly properties

Pets & Renting In UK Properties

13.12.2023 04:43 pm

The picture of the cat on the bunk bed comes from a Rightmove agency listing. When I asked the agent if the property was pet friendly, the agent was not sure. I, personally, think that if there is a pet in an image on a portal, then that in itself qualifies as allowing pets. Or you have a strong case to put an offer forward.

However, renting with a dog or cat in the UK is not so simple. Landlords differ when it comes to defining pet friendly.

  • Some landlords only rent to tenants with cats. Why I ask. The simple reason is that they feel cats cause less damage and are quieter. No barking late at night.
  • Some landlords prefer dogs. It can come down to that are you a 'dog or cat person'.
  • Multiple pets can be more 'tricky' when renting. Especially for more than 2 pets. Saying that I have recently relocated US clients with many pets. One couple had 5 cats and the other 4 cats.

These are my clients happy in their new London home. It was third time lucky with a landlord

Not a myth. The power of the pet cv

  • It is the only way for an agent or more importantly a landlord to visualise what your pets look like. Firstly it helps the agent to put your case forward. Something we help clients with. Preparation is key. Secondly, with the agent on your side, the landlord is more likely to be persuaded to say yes to your pets.
  • It's not just the cute pictures. It also a case of showing your are a responsible pet owner. If you dog is trained, then list the training qualifications.
  • If you go away, then state that you have someone who looks after your cats and dogs.

Seriously, I won a sealed bid for a lovely flat in West London for a client. It boiled down to the pet cv. The client had 2 dogs, a cat and a hedgehog. Our prickly little friend won over the landlord!

Excuse the pun, but don't 'roll over' when a landlord says not to pets. Unless the building does not allow pets, there is a chance of convincing a landlord to change their minds. I know, I have been there and done it.

The number of pets renting in the UK is no longer a minority. Therefore landlords can continue to ignore you. Times are changing. Stand your ground for you & your pets.

This article was written by Russell Hunt, Founder of Pets Lets. With over 25 years as a London estate agent and London property search agent covering London and the home counties, as well as a dog owner with a basset/ beagle, setting up the Pets Lets Relocation Service made complete sense. We work with clients from all over the world relocating clients to London with their pets. Pets are part of the family.