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23.03.2021 06:45 pm

At Pets Lets we specialise in finding pet friendly rentals. We talk to landlords and agents as well as visit developments all the time. The topic of conversation is how landlords should be more open minded when renting to tenants with pets.

According to the is BBC News article, only 7% of landlords allow pets. It also refers to ‘renters being allowed to keep well-behaved pets’. In fact, nothing has changed. The law has suggested rather than enforced that landlords should consider pets.

The Pets Lets pet friendly property portal list properties that allow cats and dogs all the time. It is about landlords considering pets as dogs and cats vary in size and quantity. We come across pet owners all the time who are looking for rural unfurnished properties because they have more than four dogs, need the space and would prefer that their own furniture has ‘wear and tear’, rather than worrying about the landlords furniture. It is about giving landlords the ability to consider each case. Don’t say no to all pets. If the tenant has a small dog or a house cat then that is a different proposition to a pet owner with a number of pets.

People renting with pets do stay longer and do tend to be responsible as they appreciate the landlord allowing pets

More information about the properties mentioned in this blog is on Pets Lets a 100% pet friendly property portal where landlords consider pets.

Pet Friendly Developments

With 50% of the population owing pets and younger generations seeing dogs and cats as their children, very much part of the family, there is a pet friendly rental market. Where landlords are slow to adapt to allowing pets in their properties, developers have seen the potential of ‘tapping’ into the renting to people with pets, whether it be dogs or cats. Hence the emergence of pet friendly buildings.

The Benefits of Pet Friendly Buildings

  • It creates a community. When you walk the dog, people come and talk to you. The same principle when living in a building with fellow pet owners. They socialize and people make friends. That benefits the tenants as their pets are allowed as well as the developers as it increases the demand to rent in the building.

  • The pet friendly buildings we have visited offers communal areas/ co-working spaces. Places for people to meet rather than just a corridor to enter and exit a building.

  • When Biscuit, Co-Founder of Pets Lets, walked through the doors recently of a pet friendly building, she was immediately greeted. Pets lift the mood everywhere they go. They bring people together. During difficult times with the Covid pandemic and lockdowns, pets are good for mental health. We witnessed a surge in people adopting pets, in particular puppies. This article from The Guardian refers to the magical effect pets have on mental health. Research has shown that stroking a dog or cat instantly relaxes people.

  • Pet friendly developments are a win win situation. Tenants and developers are happy. It helps an issue where 50% of the UK population owns a pet and yet according to Government statistics only 7% of landlords allow pets, as mentioned earlier. These two pet friendly developments are ‘chalk and cheese’. One is high end in Canary Wharf and the other in Barking, East London, caters to younger people with a co-work space, particularly young professionals. Both are lovely developments and cater for their ‘target markets’. The common denomination is encouraging people to rent with their pets and create that community feel.

    8 Water Street, in Canary Wharf, offers 174 pawsome pet friendly flats.

Pets Lets and Biscuit, the Co-Founder of Pets Lets has personally inspected the building and the flats and was suitably impressed.

Click on this pdf to have a look at The 8 Water Street Canary Wharf Brochure

What Makes 8 Water Street in Canary Wharf Special?

  • Dog day care on-site (COMING SOON): these words bring joy to anyone who works full time and has a dog. This building caters to people who work long hours locally in Canary Wharf and want to make sure their dog is looked after. Pets Lets we received an enquiry from a man with a puppy who works in Canary Wharf and need to move. He liked what this development had to offer and on his doorstep.

  • Broadband and Gym included: When you look at the rental prices, bear in mind that broadband and the gym is included.

  • Pet Policy: Some landlords will not allow a dog to be left on its own. At 8 Water Street, the policy is that a dog should not be left alone in the property for more than 3-4 hours at a time. Tenants must ensure that their dogs will not cause damage to the property if they are left unsupervised.

  • Amazing Roof Terrace*: This is a huge as well as spacious roof terrace for all residents. Dogs can walk around and it is safe. Biscuit tested it. You can also book a time slot for a communal BBQ and there is a bar. Views around Canary Wharf are stunning.

  • Subsidized drinks and food: this is all about creating a community.

  • Plush communal chill out areas: Again chill out places to meet other residents and for friends to visit you.

  • Dining area: There is a large dining area with a separate kitchen area. You can book it and entertain or have food delivered. Brilliant if you don’t have enough room in your own flat.

  • Located on the river bank: If you click on the pdf link above you will see visuals of the flotillas in place which will be restaurants and bars for people in the area to use. Again right on your doorstep.

  • Communal Events: There will be regular events that residents of the various buildings can attend. A way to meet people who live locally.

Changing Canary Wharf

Canary Wharf has historically been a place where you work and live somewhere else. A deserted place after office hours and during the weekend. A area full of buy to lets where everyone keeps to themselves. 8 Water Street Development is looking ahead. Creating a residential community 7 days a week as well as noticing that pets play a big part in peoples lives. Renting to people with pets is genius. Setting up a doggy day care on site is a brilliant idea. Located on the water, a brilliant place to socialize and hang out with friends and walk your dog looking at interesting and evolving scenery.

The Downside of 8 Water Street

  • Only that people think the rental prices are expensive. On the face of it, yes. However, when you look at what is included and what else is on offer, it compares well price wise to many of the surrounding bland blocks that offer nothing other than a place to live.

    If you have a dog and work in Canary Wharf, you must do the guided tour of 8 Water Street. You will love it.

Barking Wharf Square

Barking is a mixed area that has regenerated a lot over the years. More young professionals have moved to barking and the transport links into Central London are quick.

Barking Wharf Square sits alongside the regenerating areas of the riverside with a mix of new build and coverted homes, close to cafes, restaurants and bars. The development sits directly opposite barking Green with the peaceful view of Barking Abbey. For residents renting with pets, there is the green space to walk your dog, right on your doorstep.

Renting at Barking Wharf is so much more..

  • You have access to amenities and services including a gym, concierge, parcel holding service (very useful for people who commute), a flexible working space as well a cycle storage.
  • Allowing pets is about creating a community of like minded people. You can work in the communal areas and your dog can be at your side. There are no office dog restrictions.
  • If you really need it there are extra housekeeping services.
  • Only 0.6 miles to Barking Station with quick links to the City and Canary Wharf.

    Living in Barking, East London

  • Barking is a vibrant East London location, with great amenities.
  • Relax just walking alongside the river or in one the local parks.
  • A buzzy atmosphere and global food scene are at the heart of this diverse neighbourhood.
  • When looking to rent with your dog, try joining some pet friendly property Facebook groups, to give you a better feel about renting with your pet in the UK.*

Pet Friendly Property Facebook Groups

Pets & Property Tips As mentioned earlier, this group is set up by Pets Lets and offer people advice and comes up with ideas apart from the portals of sourcing pet friendly UK properties. Useful tips of the trade.

Renting with Pets UK A popular and established group with pet friendly properties listed as well as people asking for advice on finding a home for their pets. Worth joining

Lets with Pets This is a again a useful group to be a member of if you are looking for dog or cat friendly accommodation. You find people do post across the groups so there may be some repetition. Good to be a member of all of them though.

Dogs Trust Lets with Pets Scheme

The Lets with Pets Scheme offers valuable information on renting with pets for landlords as well as tenants. As useful site to go to for more in-depth information about what is needed when looking for pet friendly properties. Everything from putting together a Pet CV to giving you a pets clause to insert into rental tenancy agreements.

Relocation/ Home Search Consultants

Pets Lets Pets Lets specialises in finding pet friendly rentals for clients with pets across the UK. They look after pet owners across the UK looking to move as well as people relocating with their pets to the UK. The portal is 100% about pets and property. All you need under one roof.

“As a side note, I’m amazed at how much you’ve managed to find in less than a day. I’ll definitely pass Pets Lets details to anyone in the market going forward.” A Happy South African Pets Lets Client, 2021

This article was written by Russell Hunt, Founder of Pets Lets, a UK pet-friendly property portal offering properties where landlords consider pets. Pets Lets also offers a Specialist Pet Friendly UK Relocation Service. finding pet friendly rentals, properties that allow dogs and cats, takes time and can be stressful. Especially when you know your ‘four legged’ friends are getting on a plane soon and you don’t have a home.

For useful advice or to find out more about the UK pet friendly rental market, feel free to join our Pets and Property Tips Facebook Group for helpful professional advice on pets and property.