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Renting in London with a Dog & General Tips

25.06.2020 03:46 pm

London is viewed by many as a welcoming Capital for people with pets. People come from all over the world with their dogs and cats to work as well as attend University or a College. London really is a top pet-friendly relocation destination.

Pets are an extension of people’s families and they are not going to be left behind. Airpets is an established family run pet travel business based out of Heathrow. They are highly regarded and have been flying animals in and out of the UK for many years.

The pet travel side to the UK can be covered. However, renting in London with a dog or cat is a more complicated process. Only 10% of London landlords are dog or cat friendly. 35% of people letting with pets in London, have not informed their Landlords they have adopted a dog or cat since moving in.

Why is renting with a dog or cat such an issue in London?

  • Some London blocks have non-pet clauses. You will not be allowed to live in that block full stop with your cat or dog. You may see some people with pets, but that is only because some concierges ‘turn a blind eye’. Anyone in the block complains and you could be out.
  • Some Landlords believe that making their property a dog-friendly rental in London, will only lead to damage, complaints from neighbours about barking and that dogs, particularly those with a lot of hair, will leave an ever-lasting smell in the property.
  • The change in property legislation in 2019, capped the required amount of a tenant’s deposit to 5 weeks rent. Many Landlords view that making their property a dog friendly rental, will not be covered by the smaller deposits. The legislation has in fact made it harder for tenants with pets.
  • Some agents have had bad experiences with dog owners and therefore do not encourage their clients to let to people with pets. A non-dog friendly rental is less hassle.
  • With the increasing number of Londoners walking the streets with dogs, dog friendly flats and houses in London do go quickly and not just to dog owners. Tenants without pets are just as much competition.

Top London dog-friendly relocation tips:

  • Unfortunately, dog friendly landlords are more likely to accept smaller breeds, such as French Bulldogs, Dachshunds, Pugs and Cockapoo’s to name a few. Having a larger hairy dog, which molts a lot, can be less appealing. Always offer a deep clean at the end of any tenancy. A positive reference from a previous dog friendly rental will go a long way to help. Look up The Dogs Trust Lets With Pets website for more information, particularly about putting together a Pet CV.
  • Before relocating to London with a dog or cat, work out where you would like to live and do some research. Finding a pet friendly place to live is the hardest part. Do not leave it to the last minute.
  • Browse some portals such as Pets Lets, Zoopla, Rightmove as well as contact some of the top local estate agents in your preferred areas

Benefits of using a pet friendly relocation expert

  • They know London and you will have a professional on the ground to sort out the whole process. If you wish, you could just move into the property when you relocate to London with your dog or cat.
  • They have local knowledge and will come up with other ideas of where to live.
  • They negotiate on the rent and will sort out the contractual process.
  • The hassle they save you as well as the rent negotiations, is well worth it plus they offer far more added value through their contacts.
  • Visit the Association of Relocation Professionals website for recommendations or for London enquiries email us at

Top dog-friendly London websites

  • Have a look at The Dogvine. A houndtastic source of information about what you can do with your dog in London.
  • Another great website is The Londog. A pawsome way to find out about London dog-friendly tips and events in London.
  • Look up Paaw House, a mumsnet of London with a community feel.
  • Finally for people looking for more information about pet friendly offices and taking your dog to work, visit London Dog Week

Top dog-friendly London Locations

London is made up of pet-friendly micro-climates. Everyone has their favourite London locations to walk the dog. Some people prefer North London with the views off Primrose Hill, close to Camden and the canals as well as the vast expanses of Hampstead Heath. Other London dog owners, prefer the more leafy surroundings of South and South West London, such as Wimbledon, Wandsworth, Clapham, Tooting and Putney Commons. Even Central London offers the picturesque Regent and Hyde Parks As a global Capital, London is fortunate to have so many open green spaces. So many other European Cities have concrete squares and very little space for dogs to roam freely.

Our favourite London dog-friendly rental locations are:

  • Areas in and around Wandsworth, including Putney, Clapham Common, Wimbledon and Wandsworth Commons
  • Dulwich, including Dulwich Village & East Dulwich, Tulse Hill, Forrest Hill all close to Brockwell Park
  • Central London if budget permits. Marylebone Village is ideally located by Regents Park. Of course there is South High Street Kensington, Earls Court & Knightsbridge, close to Hyde Park and also to the beautiful surroundings of Holland Park
  • Hampstead, Primrose Hill and Blackheath with extends into historic location known as Greenwich and the park by the River Thames

These are just some of the dog-friendly parts of London to consider. It really depends on your ease of commute to work, where friends and family live and of course your budget.

Once you have pinpointed your favourite dog-friendly locations, that makes life a lot simpler.

London is like no other city. Local knowledge makes all the difference, particularly if you are relocating with your dog from overseas. Even you are based in the UK, if you don’t know London very well, a guiding hand can make a huge difference.

Russell Hunt is Founder of Pets Lets, a 100% pet friendly London property portal with a relocation service and a hub of information about dogs in London. Pets Lets is a community where people with pets matter.