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Pet Moves

04.08.2020 02:36 pm

Want to fly with your pet in the cabin by your side to London and avoid cargo?

At Pet Moves we offer a great solution. Our clients fly to Paris, Charles De Gaulle Airport instead with their pets by their side in the cabin. A lot of airlines to London insist your pet is placed in cargo.

We will then chauffeur you with your pet direct to London or the South East of England via Eurotunnel. It means your pet is with you the whole journey for peace of mind.

We guide you through the Pet Passport formalities at the Border. As a long-established international pet transport company, we are a ministry approved pet transporter. We offer a bespoke and caring pet travel service. We have everything on board to ensure you and your pet have a smooth journey.

“I just brought my small dog to the UK from USA via Paris and have to say that pet moves are excellent company from the time of booking to arrival at your destination. They are courteous kind and extremely helpful, a Godsend for people not wanting to put their pets in cargo I would highly recommend.”

Like people, some pets don’t like flying. If you can reduce the time in the air, then using Pet Moves makes complete sense.

As it is a bespoke service tailored to our client’s requirements, we ask that you fill in out quotation form, so we can assess your needs and provide a more detailed quote.

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