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Making Your Dog Feel At Home

12.09.2022 11:33 am

Finding a UK rental property for you and your dog is not easy in a competitive market where landlords still [do not have to accept pets]( have-to-accept-pets-15382980/). This is sadly despite the proposed Pet Protection Bill. At Pets Lets, we specialise in finding pet friendly properties in London, The Home Counties as well as other parts of the UK for clients with pets as part of our Pet Friendly Relocation Service. When you are up against other tenants without pets, you are not as appealing to a landlord. In an ideal world, you need an estate agent who is a sympathetic dog owner, who will put a string case forward for you. That is what we do for our clients.

Pets Lets Client Case Studies

  • A client with a Great Dane Labrador mixed breed dog looking for a London 1 bedroom property. The words Great Dane puts off some agents and landlords, both on size and with some developments having weight restrictions. We source and agree a London dog friendly rental in Battersea opposite the park and beat another party without a pet.
  • A client with a house cat, a student at London University. We again ‘beat’ another party from another estate agency. The landlord, who lived above, was not initially keen on having a student with a pet. We collated all the relevant paperwork, including a pet cv and references and had the client mother as a guarantor. These are successful client case studies within the last few weeks Just look at the Pets Lets Google Reviews.

However, we focus so much on finding a rental that will allow our dog, that we sometimes ‘forget the obvious'. Making our dog(s) feel at home once you move in. New surroundings, locations, places to walk and of course new smells. Your pooch needs pampering. Whether you are renting a property that allows your dog or buying a new home. It is still a change of scenery for your four-legged friend(s). It is a big upheaval for the whole family. Imagine sitting there surrounded by boxes wondering what is going on. We buy family members and friends gifts for all occasions, from birthdays to passing exams. Why not for moving to a new home.

How to make your dog feel at home in a new property

  • Of course, your dog(s) is your ‘child’ and like children, they need to be reassured. They need to feel wanted, I know my dog always loves attention, and feel part of the new surroundings.
  • As a ‘child’, a present or treat goes a long wany to helping them feel more ‘welcome’ in their new home. That is why we have partnered with Doggy Squad Store to preview a variety of doggy gifts that do just the trick when moving into your new home with your dog.

    Some ‘Welcome to your home’ doggy gifts

  • First up, what about a new dog bed, just so your dog feels really comfortable in their new home. Just like we would need

to change the mattress after a few years, a different dog bed could be a welcome treat. If you are moving into a larger property, you may need more than one dog bed. Perhaps a dog couch/ sofa is great, so that your dog can be with you when cooking or relaxing in the living or TV room. Otherwise, as we fellow dog owners know, your dog(s) feels they can have any sofa, comfortable chair at their disposal. You get up and before you know it, your seat is lost. You have made it lovely and warm for them.

  • With winter fast approaching and energy bills high on the agenda, a dog blanket, may make a practical gift as we cut back on the heating. When your dog is home alone during the day, anything they snuggle into may make a great idea to keep warm.
  • Chew toys are a great way of relaxing your dogs A great chew toy to take your mind of what is going on around you when moving into a new home. Lots of chew toys from a burger and fries to a union jack bone.
  • Every dog is different. Just like us, some don’t like change and others do. That includes your dog bowls. For some dogs, a new home is about a fresh start. The best way to achieve that can be through their ‘stomachs’. Delicious food in a brand new bowl.

    You know your dog best and how to make them feel at home

    Whether you are renting or buying a property with your dog(s), you know their character(s) best. You know what makes them ‘tick’. I know with my own dog, she loves a good bone to chew for hours and a blanket to cuddle up in For other dogs, it is that sense of adventure, new smells as well as a new territory. New ‘four-legged’ neighbours. Also for some dogs, they are more apprehensive and a gift just makes a difference and relaxes them. Working with lots of client with dogs and cats, one thing is for sure; they are part of the family and are like their children. You like to spoil them and pamper them. There is an uncanny parallel between children and pets. There are boutiques for both, bespoke foods, a children’s barber/hairdresser versus the grooming salon. One thing is for sure. People love their pets, and they like to spoil them. Moving home without them is not an option. It has just taken time for property professionals to understand that there are benefits to pet friendly rentals.

This article was written by Russell Hunt, Founder of Pets Lets, a UK pet friendly property portal offering properties where landlords consider pets as well as a pet friendly relocation and buying service. Prior to setting up Pets Lets, Russell was a London property search consultant for over 20 years for clients looking to buy and rent in the Capital.

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Have a look at our example Pet CV’s, landlord references as well as template pets clauses, which can make a huge difference in convincing a landlord to accept pets. For useful advice or to find out more about the UK pet friendly rental market, feel free to join our Pets and Property Tips Facebook Group for helpful professional advice on pets and property.