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Pets Connections

26.06.2020 02:35 pm

Pets Connections “Your partner in caring for your pets – the connection they deserve when you are not around”.

Pets Connections is a dog walking company that offer 7 days a week dog walking, doggy day-care and boarding services in Clapham and surrounding areas. Hannah just adores animals; they make each other happy and that what she loves the most about looking after them is making sure they got the best time possible with her when they are not with you. What you see is what you get, so you and your pet know that it will be Hannah and no one else turning up each time we are booked together.

Pets Connections pride themselves on being reliable, trustworthy, and flexible and happily go the extra mile when needed to accommodate your need. Photos and videos are share daily with you, so you do not loose complete connexion with your loving pets. So, if you and your pet want to join the Pets Connections family, call us now! @petsconnections