21.05.2020 08:27 am

Our co-founder, Biscuit, trialled ROCKETO and loved it! Despite being a hound, she can be fussy!

ROCKETO is an award winning dehydrated raw organic dog food brand. The team is really passionate about helping dogs, their parents and the planet.

Here are a few things that make ROCKETO different:

  • Organic - 100% human-grade ingredients from organic certified sustainable farms or ethically wild sourced. Their German production plant is certified by “BIO-SIEGEL” and “BIOKREIS E.V.”

  • Dehydrated raw - Fresh raw ingredients are gently air-dried at just under 40°C ensuring the vitamins, nutrients and enzymes remain intact and retaining all the nutritional benefits of a raw food diet.

  • Low-Carb - Low carbohydrate levels have been found to be present in the natural prey of our ancestral dogs/wolves and ROCKETO ensures this is met with their food. Their carbohydrates are largely raw natural fibre, with all the benefits that bring to the dog’s digestive tract.

  • Sustainable - Gently air-dried food weighs 4 times less than fresh food does, so saving 75% on the carbon footprint when also shipping in responsible packaging.

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