UK pet friendly properties

Paaw House

19.05.2020 11:05 am

PAAW House is an online club for pets and their owners, our passion and purpose is to build a powerful community of like-minded people, end pet discrimination and ensure that Pets Are Always Welcome.

The PAAW story started with our encounter of negative pet policies when we were taken to court for having our dog Vinnie living in the family home. Our campaign for the recognition of emotional support and companion animals and a review of no pet clauses is at the core of what we do but we are more than just campaigners.

PetsNet online forum is the heart of our community giving members the opportunity to join our conversations, meet like-minded people, share tips and stories and photos of their pets as well as keeping up to date with our events, competitions, networking opportunities and guest expert advice.
PAAW Magazine will keep members up to date with everything pet related from our favourite groomers and vets to the best pet-friendly places to drink and dine.

PAAW House is proud to support StreetVet, a registered charity made up of volunteer vets who look after the dogs of the homeless, and also, The Wild at Heart Foundation whose aim is to end the suffering of stray dogs worldwide through education, sterilisation programmes and rescue. Finally, we do love a good party, we will be hosting regular events at pet friendly venues in aid of our charities as well as networking opportunities for animal lovers and petrepenuers. We invite you to join us, share your stories, join in our conversations, come and meet us at one of our dog-friendly events and get to know us better. Together we can end pet discrimination.

Gabby, PAAW House Founder