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Relocating To London With Your Pet

26.10.2020 09:30 am

Pets Lets Pets Transfer & Property Relocation Service

Relocating to the UK with your Pets. Pets are part of the family. It is like having another child. You cannot expect someone to leave behind a member of the family. Cats and dogs in general, exercise outside and then sleep most of the day. Most owners spend a lot of time training their dogs, making them far more responsible than adults without pets.

Unfortunately, the majority of London and UK landlords, particularly in the cities, do not see it that way. To them dogs make a mess, damage the furniture and annoy the neighbours. It they can have a tenant without a pet, then much easier. An outdated way of thinking and something we at Pets Lets and other pets professionals are trying to change.

We specialise in London pets and property. If you are relocating to the UK with your pet, we are the ones to help. We have contacts in all areas and can arrange for your pet to be safely transported from overseas. We work closely with a number of pet travel companies.

We will make sure that your pet relocation to London is seamless. Not only will we find you the ideal pet friendly accommodation in London, we will also make sure your pet is safely transported in comfort from door to door.

“In the midst of coronavirus, I was on one side of the world and my dog was on the other. Finally heading to London I was looking for a comfortable place to quickly settle so that when my dog arrived we would have a good home. Thanks to Pets Lets and Russell, we were able to seamlessly move in with not a single problem within 2 weeks of me reaching out. I have already recommended Pets Lets to two other friends and will always continue to do so! Thank you so much to Russell.” June 2020

We will organise all the necessary paperwork and documentation and provide any advice on your pet transfer process.

London Pets & Property Relocation Professionals

We have moved many pets into London from all around the world. We manage the whole pet move process on your behalf. We then make sure we then find you find pet friendly properties in London. Russell Hunt, Founder of Pets Lets has been an advisor to clients looking at London properties for over 25 years before setting up the company.

We offer a bespoke service and our priority is looking after the client and that includes the ‘four-legged’ ones. We relocate clients with dogs and cats from overseas and within the UK.

*“We used Russell from Pets Lets when we moved from New Zealand to London and couldn't recommend him more. Our biggest concern was finding a suitable place to live that would accept us and two dogs but Russell managed the entire process, giving us absolute peace of mind to focus on the rest of the move. *

We had our first meeting with Russell via skype where we discussed what we were looking for (nice area, close to the tube, two-bedroom, yard, close to green space), budget, arrival date and expectations. Russell then handled everything, sending through a number of properties to consider that meet our criteria. With one locked in, he dealt with the owner directly to ensure the property would be ready for when we landed and safe for our dogs. He even picked us up from the airport! January 2020

Pet Moves: Relocating with your pet using Pets Lets

Pets Lets researches the market for properties, through our network of contacts, to find you the best pet friendly property for your dog or cat in your preferred location. Having moved a number of families and professionals with pets, we at Pets Lets know the best dog friendly London locations close to parks and commons. We will save you the valuable time, money, energy and stress searching for an appropriate dog or cat friendly home. Sometimes a landlord just needs a bit of convincing that making their property pet friendly is the right decision.

We are advocates for making London & the UK a more pet friendly place to live

We spearhead the way with other companies to change the mindsets of landlords, freeholders and agents to consider pets.

Through our pet relocation service, we are gradually convincing people that make their property dog friendly is the way forward. Only 15% of London landlords accept pets and many blocks have no pets clauses.

We are active in pet friendly rentals and champion the cause. This Pets Parliamentary Petition is part of a bill by Andrew Rossindell MP, to end discrimination against pets in rental properties. The first reading has successfully been passed in parliament with a second reading of the bill due in January 2021.

The Dogvine is the leading blog about dogs in London. We recently carried out a survey about renting with pets in London. A staggering 100% of pets professionals surveyed believed that there needed to be more pet friendly accommodation in London. A problem that is across the UK. London being the most complicated area with out of date leases dating back many years disallowing pets. 80% surveyed found that finding a dog friendly rental, especially for more than one dog, had become more difficult and not easier.

To read more about the survey and renting with dogs in London read the blog in The Dogvine.

Our Pet Friendly Relocation Process

  • Over the years we have noticed how many relocation companies do not listen to their clients. With pet relocation, you need to listen even more. It is about the welfare of ALL of you. That is why Pets Lets differs from other companies. Your dog(s) or cats(s) are also the clients.

  • Before signing up, we have an initial call with the client to work out what they are looking for in terms of a property, outside space, open plan style, new build or older building and their preferred locations or would they like suggestions. We are thorough and it is important to understand the client requirements when relocating with their pets(s).

  • We will help with the transport of your pets(s), documentation and we will come up with different property options. We look to narrow down the pet friendly properties, so that when you are around to view we don’t waste your time. Some clients move straight into the property. In this case, we like film the preferred options so that there is a complete understanding before you move in with your pets.

  • Our process is very hands on unlike many other relocation companies. Founded by a former London search agent, looking after the clients needs and having a happy pet is paramount.

Why Pets Lets is Different

  • Pets Lets is a London pet friendly property portal. We list properties that will accept pets in the Capital. Landlords can list their properties for free. We work with pets charities.
  • We offer a bespoke, knowledgeable and caring Pet Friendly Relocation Service
  • We also offer a unique Viewing Service. Unlike the Relocation Service, we will look at up to 4 properties, people have seen elsewhere and give our professional opinion as well as tips on contract and rent negotiations. Anything more than 4 properties qualifies for the Relocation Service.
  • We have an Information Hub with lots of information about the pet friendly social life in London
  • We have story to tell, click here to find out more about Pets Lets

Russell is the Founder of Pets Lets, a 100% pet friendly London property portal with a relocation & viewing service and a hub of information about dogs in London. Pets Lets is a community where people with pets matter. Russell is a staunch advocate for increasing the number of pet friendly landlords in the city.