UK pet friendly properties

Pet Friendly Landlords

03.06.2020 07:47 am

• The UK pet market is set to hit £7 billion by 2021.

• 54% of those aged between 19-38 will always put their pets needs first. They are their children.

• No person or family is going to move home and leave their ‘children/ furry companions’ behind.

• The 19-38 age group is the future of ‘generation rent’ because of the unaffordability of being able to buy. Only 25% of people under the age of 40 will be homeowners.

• Over half of this age group would cut back spending on themselves rather than their pets.

• Pets are family members across the different age groups. They are bought gifts & cards like any other family member.

• Pet-friendly accommodation has become more and more popular. Many people opt to holidaying in the UK rather than going abroad because of their dog.

• If Landlords do not offer pet-friendly rentals, they will lose out on a rapidly increasing pool of tenants.

• More open-minded Landlords will let to people with pets, have fewer void periods, whilst those opposed to pets in their properties will lose out in both the short & long-term.

• Pets make people happy including children and bring families together.

• People make friends walking their dogs and exercise.

• Research has shown having a pet is good for people’s mental health.

• The huge rise in the UK of people adopting pets before lockdown was the perfect opportunity to integrate a dog or cat to the family whilst everyone is house bound. It prompted those who were considering a pet to act.

• Even the Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has a dog called Dilyn.

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